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Harnessing Big Data To Reshape The Asian Market

Big Data - Digital Transformation

As nations, organizations and businesses look for innovative ways to reshape their operations and handle the vast amounts of data generated, there’s no escaping the Fourth Industrial Revolution upon us. Technology is developing in leaps and bounds, and the speed of growth and the generation of big data, is no where more visible than on the Asian continent.

Using big data from Asian businessesMicrosoft is helping companies across Asia to reshape their organizations through what they call “a new world order”. This new order means a complete transformation of processes and business models to enable a company to survive, let alone thrive.

One of the primary areas Microsoft is assisting businesses in is by helping them to harness the huge amount of data within their organizations. Data that can be turned into organizational assets and “can catalyze customer interaction, improve productivity, streamline operations and create new business models.”

Fortis Healthcare in India partnered with Microsoft to transform its patient care. Leveraging on Microsoft’s cloud and technologies, doctors can now access accurate data in a timely manner, enabling them to make critical decisions, while meeting strict compliance standards.

This digital revolution is not just being felt in the healthcare industry right around the globe, but is key to any business success, even those whose practices date back hundreds of years.

Tech company The Yield worked with oyster farmers in Tasmania to install Internet of Things sensors in the upstream river estuary. Weather alerts are triggered and communicated to the oyster farmer via a mobile app. This timely data enables the farmers to accurately suspend their operations when required, saving them millions annually.

Microsoft state that there are many more corporations on the Asian market that are coming to them for help with streamlining their business, and other nations are catching on fast.

For example, Japan Airlines has utilized Microsoft HoloLens, the first fully untethered holographic computer, “to develop two proof-of-concept training programs for its engine mechanics and flight crew. With a mixed reality application built for HoloLens, training can now be more frequent and immersive.” This technology is also being used by mechanics to help with hands-on training before the aircraft is even needed.

The number of corporations that are switching their operations onto a digital platform has increased ten-fold over recent years, and is set to rise rapidly in future.

So, as this “new world order” takes hold, it will only be a matter of time before the Fourth Industrial Revolution engulfs the world, where businesses, organizations and nations become totally digitalized.

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