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The Home Health Care App: An Answer to the Needs of Aging Americans

medflyt the best home health care app

More than 12 million older Americans require home health care services. With the Baby Boomer generation aging, this figure is likely to exceed 27 million by the year 2050. Combine these rising demands with changes in health care services reimbursements, and it is clear there is a need for innovative solutions.  At a time when on-demand services allow us to virtually hail a cab and have food — or almost anything for that matter — delivered to our doorstep, it makes sense to have home health care conveniently available as well. Thankfully, several companies, such as Medflyt, Reservio, Setmore, and Honor, have a cloud-based answer.

The aim of a home health care app is to approach patient care from a caregiving perspective. Appreciating the involvement of several stakeholders in the process, the role of home care services is to provide a comprehensive platform. Through a home health care app, patients, insurers, caregivers, and agencies all benefit. And in the process, quality of care, resource utilization and care efficiency are all enhanced.

Medflyt is a home health care app
Home health care apps could be the new Uber or Door Dash when it comes to home delivery!

Leveraging Technology to Address Key Issues in Home Health

Companies have found a viable solution to problems families often encounter with regards to the availability of caregivers. What a home health care app can do is allow a family to hire help for their elderly for specific needs such as taking them for a walk, preparing their lunch or simply keeping them company for a short period of time when family members have important errands to do outside their home.

Since it is also expensive to hire a caregiver full time, the hourly rates that a home health care app offers also prove to be beneficial to most families.

Companies like Hometeam and Honor make sure that the families hire only people with exemplary caregiving experience, home health nurses and certified caregivers. Families are assured that their elders are under the best care.

a collection of home health care app logos
Medflyt, Reservio, Setmore, and others are populating the home health care app space with helpful tools.

A Few Challenges in the Home Health Industry

Medflyt recognized several key inefficiencies associated with the home health industry. Staffing caregivers for patient services was time-consuming and used valuable resources. There is often mismanagement in scheduling with errors and multiple inefficiencies. Caregiver skills also frequently did not match with patient needs. The company is currently going through the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) program in Tampa Bay.

The company’s home health care app uses a cloud-based platform and mobile application to address these key problems. Specifically, Medflyt provides real-time staffing features as well as real-time communication. Likewise, the home health care app provides algorithmic matching connecting caregiver abilities with home care needs, and Medflyt eliminates paper documentation while enhancing care abilities and client relations management. It is, therefore, not surprising that Medflyt has already enlisted over 40 home health care agencies and over 45,000 caregivers to utilize its platform.

One of the most important aspects of Medlflyt is its complete in-app training where caregivers can complete their in-services. This will ensure that the caregivers remain in compliance with the state regulations. As a result of this innovation, home health agencies will benefit from the increased engagement and effectiveness of improving their caregivers.

medflyt app
Medflyt provides in-app online training to caregivers.

A Comprehensive Solution for Home Health Care Services

While cloud-based technologies and solutions have been emerging in other health sectors, home health has been neglected. However, an increasing number of tech startups and companies are now beginning to appear. Some companies, like Reservio and Setmore are primarily provide scheduling software applications. Though HIPAA compliant and also focused on client relations, they are more limited in scope. Other companies, like Faster Notes, focus more on agency management. These services improve regulatory compliance and operational efficiencies within home health care agencies.

In terms of comprehensive home health care apps and platforms, two primarily exist that involve a care-based approach. In addition to Medflyt, Honor also provides scalable workforce management and technical expertise for the home health industry. Honor, which was founded in 2015, works through its own network of home health care agencies to provide services. While Medflyt offers similar advantages, it also targets better caregiver matching and stakeholder communications. Thus, its home health care app solutions appear to be more comprehensive in nature.

A Timely Home Health Care App Solution

Without question, the increase in the population of older U.S. adults makes Medflyt’s home health care app worth exploring. But at the same time, policy changes regarding reimbursements are also driving change in this area. With bundle payments extending across care settings, maximum reimbursements for services are realized when patient outcomes are their best. With Medflyt, home health care agencies can better enhance these potentials while fulfilling patient care missions. This is what makes this home health care app truly attractive.

Having grown dramatically in the New York Market, MedFlyt is well positioned to become the “Go-To” place for caregivers that are looking to be connected directly to the agencies so they can find jobs. MedFlyt is changing the way the home care agencies are engaging with Home Health Aides and the way home health aides engage with home health care agencies.

At the current time, Medflyt has over 45,000 caregivers using their home health care app on a regular basis. And this startup has demonstrated consistent growth since its inception. With Medflyt looking to secure additional venture capital for further growth in the near future, their future looks bright. This, combined with increasing older adult populations, suggests this home health care app solution is a winner.

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