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Pocket Network is Creating the Blockchain On-Ramp for Everyone

Exclusive: Pocket Network is Creating the Blockchain On-Ramp for Everyone

Bold Business consistently reports on the rise of the use of Blockchain is disrupting industries far and wide. However, with the evolution and decentralization of blockchains, both private and public, it is becoming harder and harder for developers to program to each one.  One company that is streamlining this process and making it possible is the Pocket Network.

Pocket Network—or Pocket, for short— simplifies the creation process of B by saving time and money in learning, integrating into and implementing blockchain technology. In essence, creating a decentralized infrastructure for developers to build peer to peer applications. By using this platform, every developer is able to interact with any blockchain.

What Does Pocket Network Do?

Pocket provides a ready infrastructure that developers can easily manipulate. This significantly cuts time, effort, and resources as developers don’t need to learn a new coding language to build their apps. They can create these apps using their language of choice, and simply plug in a few lines of Ethereum code, and they’re ready to go.

With Pocket, developers hit the ground running. It diminishes the learning curve and makes apps ready for public consumption at a faster rate. Michael O’Rourke, the CEO and co-founder of Pocket Network, says, “The bold idea of Pocket is to bring the blockchain to people’s pockets as easy as possible.”

Pocket Network’s Incentive Offered to Developers

Pocket Network also incentivizes developers to use Pocket. Developers receive cryptocurrency as payment for building apps that process API requests. As customers use the app, and the app processes read and write requests, developers earn a corresponding amount in cryptocurrency.

By consenting to process and relay transactions, developers receive POKT tokens as payment for their services. Therefore, developers and businesses can really monetize their apps, which is how they can reap the benefits of the blockchain.

Why Developers Should Make Blockchain Apps

Apps created in the blockchain are basically called “dapps” or decentralized apps. This means that there is no one entity governing processes and information. All of its users and nodes run the app together. Consequently, users indeed have ownership of their data, which other companies and businesses cannot get ahold of. Decentralized apps maintain user privacy, so there is no need to fear for any security breaches.

Other Benefits of Blockchain

Decentralized apps also increase data reliability such is the case with Medcient that is changing how Patient Preauthorizations are done. There are no central servers that store data. Thus, should these servers shut down, information lost is irretrievable. This situation may not be a sustainable way of keeping countless online information. With dapps, you can choose to store your data securely yourself or have your information replicated across other nodes for permanent storage and documentation.

Dapps also allow for the fastest rate of data transfer. There are no central servers that eventually process requests slowly, only a peer-to-peer network where data is sent directly between users.

As decentralized apps do not depend on iOS or Android, they are not bound by the limits of design in user experience. Dapps can create a custom user experience for each customer who signs in with a different, specific key.

The Pocket Network Breakthrough, Decentralized Infrastructure

Pocket network Blockchain
Pocket network Blockchain

Pocket network harnesses the benefits of the blockchain. It treads a domain that is not yet mainstream and creates innovations and efficiencies for businesses worldwide. To prove just how effortless it is to develop dapps using Pocket Network, mobile developers created an app called BANANO Quest within only 48 hours.

BANANO Quest is an augmented reality game that resembles Pokemon Go, where users can search for and collect hidden bananas in designated GPS coordinates. They earn token prizes which they can later convert to money outside the game. This proof of concept highlights how easy it is to use Pocket Network and its iOS SDK and Pocket Nodes.

It is also the first mobile dapp in the world that does not connect to a server—it only communicates with Ethereum.

Pocket Network and Some Final Thoughts on the Benefits of the Blockchain

 The Pocket Network infrastructure is a revolutionary way for businesses and developers to create even more advanced applications. Pocket allows for greater freedom and creativity in developing blockchain apps. “We kind of see ourselves as becoming the standard for decentralized infrastructure for all of these blockchains that are coming up today,” O’Rourke says.

As the world is moving towards harnessing blockchain (which has even made waves in the healthcare industry), Pocket Network takes the lead and paves the way for businesses and developers to the new age in mobile app development.



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