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How ReliaQuest Is Disrupting the Cyber Security Market

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In the not too distant past, it was easy to safeguard customer data. All you needed was a filing cabinet. Nowadays, though, those filing cabinets have become digital constructs, often connected to the Internet and accessible by those with a password. But modern data storage techniques come with their own set of problems, which – when it comes to anything connected to the Internet – usually means breaches of cyber security. In 2018 alone, major companies like T-Mobile, Google, and Facebook fell victim to data breaches. This has made it imperative for businesses to develop countermeasures. It’s also made it possible for a company like ReliaQuest to disrupt the cyber security market.

Recently, Bold Business had the opportunity to interview ReliaQuest CEO and founder Brian Murphy at the 2019 Synapse Summit.

What is ReliaQuest?

ReliaQuest is a cyber security and co-managed security service provider that has been operating out of Tampa, FL, since 2007. They have become one of the most recognized providers of cybersecurity. For more than a decade, ReliaQuest has focused solely on security, striving to make its platform the best in the industry. The company’s accomplishments highlight their efforts.

Reliaquest has won a handful of awards including Fortunes’ Best Workplaces in Technology and Entrepreneurs’ Best Company for Top Company Cultures. However, these are not their only achievements. ReliaQuest supports a customer size of $10 billion in annual revenue.

Currently, their security model serves and protects its 185 customers.

This advanced model, which runs at an enterprise level, combines their technology with their customer’s Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) to deliver outcomes specifically tailored to an individual customer. ReliaQuest stores all their customer’s data on their platform allowing full visibility and greater ease of access; allowing their customers a simpler way to observe their data while providing them the protection of cybersecurity. Essentially, they make CyberSecurity safe and easy for your company. You can spend more time focusing on growing your products and your business.

reliaquest offers data protection to clients
The cyber security market is a vital slice of the digital space.

A Team Built from the Ground Up

The success that ReliaQuest has seen would not be possible without the people who make the organization possible. That is why ReliaQuest believes in hiring talented individuals and training them from the ground up so that they can deliver the best services available.

ReliaQuest supports a comprehensive development program known as ReliaQuest University (RQU), which trains each of their employees to maximize their full potential. They believe that an organization runs best when everyone is on the same page. This means they strive to teach each of their employees the goals of the company.

They also teach the professional and procedural standards to get them there, and the full extent of their technology. Each employee then understands how their technology works and how it is changing the ease of cyber security.

The RQU program encourages employees to openly communicate with one another so that ideas and decisions are made by everyone on the team. After all, if an organization is as strong as its employees, having all your employees on the same page and working at the same level of understanding is key to a successful organization.

How ReliaQuest Is Creating a Bold Impact on Cyber Security

While there are other cyber security programs that keep data safe, there are few that focus on prevention as much as ReliaQuest’s model does. ReliaQuest uses their rqAWARE and rqCONTENT technologies to seek out any potential threats, notify your team of the threats, and provide visibly useful insights to allow your team to prevent corporate espionage before it even happens. In other words, ReliaQuest identifies any weak spots that hackers can attack and informs your business so that you can fix these vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. And thanks to their other technologies, ReliaQuest is able to pinpoint and display your organization’s most relevant threats. After all, no two organizations operate the same or maintain the same data.

reliaquest quote
The growing number of data breaches has made companies like ReliaQuest vital.

Therefore, ReliaQuest identifies which data is most important to your organization. It’s also able to understand which threats are most concerning to your business. If any threats are found, ReliaQuest displays these threats and outlines the steps needed to fix these issues.

Today, an increasing number of organizations are storing customer information and private data. Unfortunately, as technology advances, the means by which private information can be breached is also advancing at a similar rate. And likewise, the amount of damage that can be done with stolen data is increasing at an alarming rate. ReliaQuest helps your organization prevent these damages as soon as the system identify them. This is why ReliaQuest is creating a bold impact on the industry of cyber security.

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