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How Internet Security Companies Are Halting Data Leaks From Searches

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If data is what fuels the Internet, then the clandestine acquiring of that data is akin to thieves drilling a hole in a pipeline to steal crude oil. Which is to say, data breaches are prevalent, and a threat that’s dangerous to all. From individuals, all the way on up to conglomerates and municipalities, the notion of secure data has become less of an assumption and more of a luxury. And that puts Internet security companies, and the solutions they devise to tackle this problem, at the forefront of the battle for cybersecurity.

But sometimes data breaches aren’t the result of a hacker weaseling his way through a firewall and cracking a password. Sometimes, the data is stolen via a browser extension. Or it’s culled from search information and used to create a behavioral profile. Either way, Internet users have an expectation of privacy when it comes to their data, and increasingly, Internet security companies are striving to define innovative solutions to address these issues.

Ellison Anne Williams talking Internet security
Enveil is one of a number of Internet security companies out to make browsing safer.

Seeking a Security Solutions Company to Fill the Gap

Enveil Inc. is one security solutions company that is hoping to change the game when it comes to keeping Internet search. Founded by Ellison Anne Williams, Enveil keeps data encrypted as businesses search untrusted Internet sites for information. Their ZeroReveal platform offers a scalable solution for search and data analytics without revealing anything about the search itself. With over $4 million in funding, Enveil is among one of the boldest Internet security companies today.

For a security solutions company, firewalls, storage encryption and other cybersecurity measures routinely protect data privacy integrity. However, this is often not the case for that period when users search the Internet. The source and content of the search offer key data points that provide essential insights about consumers and businesses. Enveil encrypts such data during the search and when using the cloud. But this approach is not the only strategy that Internet security companies are taking.

GeoEdge CEO talking Internet security.
Data collected for advertising purposes is still data unknowingly given.

GeoEdge, also a security solutions company, takes a different approach. Founder Amnon Siev sought to make Internet searches safer for kids and adults alike. GeoEdge thus works from the advertising side to prevent inappropriate content and security threats from harassing Internet site visitors. This strategy includes not only the parent site and approved advertisers but also related third parties as well. Here again, the goal is to protect Internet user data and privacy in an area that has yet to be well-protected.

Another security solutions company is DuckDuckGo, which offers an application and browser extension to prevent data-tracking. As one browses through DuckDuckGo’s browser extension, the ability for Internet sites to track data is disabled. With the current reality of over 1.1 billion searches a month, the demand for DuckDuckGo as a security solutions company is apparent. And as Internet users become increasingly concerned about the privacy of their data, DuckDuckGo will likely continue to thrive. Indeed, it is an Internet security company that provides an efficient solution to its customers.

Mark Weatherford talks about ever-changing cybersecurity industry
Internet security companies have a tough nut to crack when it comes to keeping user data safe.

From Internet Security Companies to Internet Policies

From Enveil to GeoEdge, businesses and customers alike are expressing their desire for greater privacy protections. These concerns need to be addressed through state and national policies. California has already moved toward this direction. Presumably, other states will as well. Nevertheless, for now, a security solutions company like Enveil—and others alike—must take the lead until such changes evolve.

Indeed, these bold Internet security companies offer the best privacy protections for Internet search available today.

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