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Industry experts believe that the marketing sector will experience better success in 2020. The successful marketing strategies will pave way for the growth of the businesses for the years to come.

Businesses around the globe first used the strategy of marketing in the late 19th century and since then have created various types of marketing techniques. Today’s new breed of companies and businesses utilize digital, interactive, and internet or online marketing.

However, a different ball game awaits them in the year 2020. Consumers are becoming more meticulous than ever.

According to Steven van Belleghem, a popular Belgium-based speaker, trainer, blogger and expert in digital marketing and social media, customers will be more selective in choosing which brands or companies they will trust. Consumers also would become keener in observing the performance of every company.

He also added that in order for companies and businesses to attain success in 2020 – a symbolic deadline for all things marketing – they need to work on the following dimensions:

Create A Strong Customer-Centricity Plan

The first thing that companies need to remember is that they must have a flawless execution of their marketing strategies, products, and services. Businesses should correct or better yet, eliminate issues that frustrate and hinder customers from purchasing the items.

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Second is that companies must be able to deal with every customer with the same respect and importance. This act of equal treatment will definitely result in positive feedback from different consumers and clients.

Lastly, when businesses have solved the problems surrounding their products and services, and were able to develop a good working service to the customers, they should then come up with an approach on how to engage with the people. In this way, customers could respond to a campaign, buy the product, stay as a consumer, and endorse the brand to other people.

Aside from having a successful presence online, companies should also consider making a good impression offline. In 2020, businesses will longer rely on online and offline performance to measure success, according to a report. The channels must already be balanced at all time.

The Art of Selling Without Actually Marketing

Marketing is not an easy task, and it will not get any easier in 2020. There are a lot of competing brands and services out there. In order for companies to stand out, they need to be more relevant than ever. They should allow the customers to trust their own product.

Many companies frequently use computer generated messages and information. However, businesses must change the old norm and deliver messages in a way that will grab a client’s attention. The reason for this is that consumers in 2020 want everything to be more personal and sincere.

Customers are also looking at company websites that is why they should all be up-to-date. The internet is going to play a stronger role in the marketing industry and businesses must be ready. The following are some of the things that companies should remember to do and include on their sites:

  1. Augmented reality will be a hit as a marketing tool.
  2. SEO is still going to be a part of marketing.
  3. Customers would want more active communication methods, which is why live videos will become popular.
  4. The demand for native advertising will rise in 2020.
  5. Long article contents will overpower short posts on sites.
  6. Personalities will greatly affect the social value of a product or a company.
  7. Interactions on technological devices will be widely used.

Intensify the Usage of Technology

Technology became the center of everything in the 21st century, penetrating various sectors from businesses to the government. Now, technology has found a way to make life easier for companies and their marketing strategies,  plans,  and techniques.

The year 2020 offers many surprises, one of which is the enhancement of customer experience because people expect systems to go modern. Customers could have the ability to process a business’ products and services on their own. They can also unravel problems more accurately and faster.

Experts say that innovating systems is one of the scariest things to do, especially from a company’s perspective. However, it could end up positively as modernized methods and approaches to customers will surely generate more profit.

These are just some of the things that companies should think of in order to be successful in 2020. Marketing is a cutthroat field. Businesses have to learn to adjust and improve their marketing strategies from what they’re used to doing.

It is better to think ahead of the game than to stay inside the bubble and be safe. The dimensions mentioned above will surely create a bold impact not just on the marketing plans and techniques but also to companies that apply them.

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