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Tech Data Corporation: A Recipe for Success in a Highly Dynamic Industry

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Tech Data might be one of the most powerful companies that isn’t a household name. After all, Tech Data is ranked No. 83 on the Fortune 500 list this year and has been on the list since 1995. As a global IT distribution and solutions company, Tech Data’s focus is simple: connecting the world with the power of technology. And since 1974, this Florida-based company has done just that.

The company embraces a bold philosophy that extends into every aspect of its business. From philanthropy to corporate social responsibility, as well as diversity and inclusion, Tech Data is a role model for modern businesses. And its ability to excel in the most dynamic of sectors highlights how their strategy is clearly a winning one.

Bob Dutkowsky quote about Tech Data Corporation Management
Tech Data’s strength has always resided in its diversification and Tech Data Management
Tech Data Corporation: A Recipe for Success in a Highly Dynamic Industry

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Leading the Way in IT

When Tech Data was founded, mobile devices, the cloud, and other next-generation technologies had yet to evolve. But as technology rapidly changed, Tech Data evolved as well to stay in a leadership position.

Bob Dutkowsky took the helm of Tech Data in 2006 as CEO from 2006 to 2018 and current executive chairman, and under his leadership, Tech Data grew tremendously, driven by key investments and bold acquisitions that resulted in geographic and portfolio expansion. Today, the company has relationships with more than 1,000 manufacturers of technology products, more than 14,000 employees worldwide, and offers over 150,000 IT products that it sells in more than 100 countries.

Tech Data continues to demonstrate its commitment to connecting the world with the power of technology. Recently, the company launched its “Cloud Solutions Factory.” Leveraging the firm’s professional experts and ecosystem of channel partners, Tech Data offers “click-to-run” solutions. These include pre-configured, validated, and tested cloud solutions that are deployed and monitored by Tech Data.

Tech Data Management Invests in All Types of Diversity

Tech Data’s success has clearly resulted from being able to adapt quickly to change. Through innovation and joint ventures, the global IT distribution and solutions firm has expanded its end-to-end portfolio of products. Thus, regardless of where a customer is along the technology spectrum, Tech Data can meet their needs. But this is not the only type of diversity in which Tech Data invests.

Bob Dutkowsky quote about Tech Data Corporation and its data management technology
Under Bob Dutkowsky’s bold leadership, Tech Data has grown into a powerhouse in the technology sector.

Diversity and inclusion have long been a standard for Tech Data. For over a decade, Tech Data has received a 100% Corporate Equity Index rating from the Human Rights Campaign. In addition, employees of the firm have organically grown five separate Business Resource Groups to support diversity. As Executive Chairman Bob Dutkowsky describes, diversity fuels innovation and new perspectives. Therefore, a diverse and inclusive culture is one of Tech Data’s secrets to success in such a dynamic environment.

A Technology Firm with a Heart

Based in Clearwater, Florida, over the years Tech Data has supported hundreds of charitable organizations in numerous ways. Tech Data supports four pillars of philanthropy. These include education, wellness, children, and colleague-driven initiatives. Through financial support and colleague action, Tech Data has proven itself as a true community partner and citizen.

Some of the recent initiatives have focused on important issues facing our world today. For example, one Tech Data leader developed a program called Exploratory Labs Boot Camp (Ex Labs), a highly competitive week-long Accelerator Lab that exposes high school and college students to the latest trends and strategies used in the technology industry. They also learn about finance, marketing and networking from lessons taught by Tech Data professionals. Through Ex Labs, Tech Data exposes a diverse cross-section of students to a breadth of career opportunities in technology. At the same time, Tech Data is environmentally conscious. From eliminating Styrofoam from its shipping packages to replacing distribution center lighting, a focus on environmental sustainability permeates company decisions.

Tech Data Corporation product line
The Tech Data Corporation product scope is wide-ranging and extends beyond data management technology.

Staying One Step Ahead While Doing Things the Right Way

Tech Data will soon be approaching 50 years in business. For any industry sector, that is an amazing feat. But in the technology field, such longevity is truly astounding. Today, Tech Data is adapting to the evolving demand for next-generation technologies like cloud, security, analytics and IoT, and services. And it remains committed to meeting its customers’ IT needs through its comprehensive global portfolio of products and services. Tech Data is one company that is certainly focused on true sustainability. And this sustainability not only relates to its markets but also its customers, its employees, its community, and the environment.

To learn more about Tech Data Management and the background on its success, read our Bold Leader Spotlight on its former CEO and current Executive Chairman of the Board, Bob Dutkowsky.

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