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Venuetize: Creating Smart Space Solutions for Consumer Experience

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Venuetize was built upon the ideals of making people’s experience in spaces easier, more personal and enjoyable. By providing responsive smart space solutions, Venuetize is taking bold steps in creating exceptional consumer experiences while seamlessly connecting large-scale entertainment venues, shopping complexes, entertainment districts, and sports stadiums in one intuitive mobile application.

Bold Business Associate Publisher John R. Miles and Project Bold Life President Dawna Stone had the opportunity to interview Karri Zaremba, co-founder and Chief Operations Officer of Venuetize, during the 2019 Synapse Summit.  In this interview and video, Zaremba discusses the “how” and “why” behind Venuetize’s push to make consumer experiences a “smart” one.

Venuetize, based in Tampa, FL, is only a little over five years old but it has already proven its potential. The company is currently working with Amalie Arena, the PGA TOUR, and Hard Rock Stadium in Florida, LAFC and Banc of California Stadium, Little Caesar’s Arena and The District Detroit in Michigan, and many more world-class sports, hospitality, and entertainment organizations.

In addition to its roots in entertainment venues and with sports events, the smart space technologies of Venuetize has expanded to include hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, and city infrastructure. With the consumer experience at the crux, Venuetize as a smart space solution is, therefore, clearly heading the right direction.

Karri Zaremba quoted
For Venuetize, it’s all about smart space solutions enhancing the customer experience.

Discovering the Venuetize Advantage

Ideally, Venuetize aims to create a dynamic, seamless, as well as fluid connection between its user and their space. From booking a ticket to finding their way to their seats, to post-event plans and then getting a ride home – Venuetize is all about helping its clients provide a frictionless and enjoyable experience.

  1. Smart space solutions are highly-dependent on Location Detection Using proximity sensors, Venuetize maps the nearest brands and establishments and presents these options to the consumer.
  2. The Venuetize Mobile Wallet accommodates all major credit/debit cards. Also, Apple Pay, Google Pay, loyalty and membership cards, digital gift cards, and more. Additionally, Venuetize offers a Mobile Ordering function. Users can browse menus, order food, and pay thru mobile wallet. Through smart space technologies, Venuetize can even have the food delivered directly to their seats.
  3. Venuetize integrates public transportation information and ride-sharing apps in one location. By offering multiple transportation options, users can pick how they wish to go and leave the venue. Additionally, Venuetize provides integrations with real-time road traffic alerts and convenient mobile parking systems so you can reach the venue on time and not miss any part of your event.
  4. Venuetize has partnered with major ticketing systems and related services to provide an enhanced Mobile Ticketing solution for the users. With an enhanced mobile ticketing solution, users are able to view, manage, and scan their tickets at the venue.
  5. Safety and security of the event-going public should be paramount to space and venue owners. With Venuetize smart space technologies, security features include live heat maps in high traffic areas. The system can also send mass notifications of evacuation routes and maps, annotate digital floor plans, store and manage emergency plans, and collaborate directly with first responders.
Karri Zaremba quoted
Venuetize leverages smart space technologies to create a smarter consumer experience.

Smart Space Solutions in Smart Cities: Helping People Live Better Lives

Nowadays, consumers are inundated by a deluge of information and options day in and day out. Being informed is great, and having a wide array of options can be beneficial to a certain degree. But without a way to filter these options, decision-making can be stressful. There is a limit to the amount of information the human brain can process. Anything beyond the acceptable threshold will have an impact on the quality of our responses, decision-making, and ultimately, the quality of our lives.

It is not surprising that a growing number of consumers are turning to apps to help filter information and help curb info overload. Thankfully, Venuetize provides consumers with sensible and data-driven options using smart space technologies. As a smart space solutions application, the Venuetize design will gather and collate the user’s previous activities. Based on this data, Venuetize draws insights in order to curate and provide experiences that are specific to the user.

Raymond Fernand Loewy. quoted
Venuetize wants to enhance the consumer experience, not complicate it.

By 2050, it is predicted that two-thirds of the population will be clustered in urban areas. Inherently, business and trade will gather in the cities where there is a greater concentration of population. With industries competing for consumer attention, smart space solutions can help urban dwellers map options available within the cityscape.

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