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Augmented Reality Technology Goes Bold with NeuLion

Girl wearing virtual reality goggles.

The technology has other uses such as placing people “inside” a video game like Call of Duty.

Based in Plainview, NY, NeuLion is a software video streaming and AR company that enables companies to deliver unlimited live, on-demand, interactive programming in a rich, branded experience across multiple screens, languages, and territories. In this exclusive video from Bold Business, Roy Reichbach discusses the cutting edge technology that makes Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) game-changing.

When it comes to sports, NeuLion seamlessly syncs live video, live audio and live data (stats) to create a dynamic live and interactive TV-like experience over the Internet on any device.  Its MainConcept technology powers many of the broadcast, film and post-production solutions from  Hollywood productions to television, cable, and satellite broadcasting to transcoding farms and content management systems.

Bold Idea: Augmented Reality

Girl and boy playing with VR and Augmented Reality technology
Augmented reality has the power to transform traditional TV offerings.

A recent Juniper Research study shows that Virtual Reality headsets, peripherals, and 360-degree cameras will reach over $50 billion by 2021, increasing from an estimated $5 billion this year. Hardware will experience this rapid growth due to the adoption of VR across smartphone users, and the high-demanding unit prices for headsets for PCs and consoles.

NeuLion’s AR software can put individuals “inside” a sports game where they would say, sit next to Steve Ballmer at a Clippers game. The technology has other uses such as placing people “inside” a video game like Call of Duty and simulate being part of the action. Disney is experimenting with augmented reality in simulating a roller coaster ride for people outside the theme park.

Augmented Reality in the Healthcare Market

The medical and healthcare markets are increasingly turning to digital technology to improve quality and reduce costs. Whether it is medical imaging, telemedicine, documenting medical procedures, remote patient monitoring, hospital security or even producing videos on healthy living, this market has seen a dramatic increase in the use of video and augmented reality. With its emphasis on the highest video quality possible, MainConcept technology can give the medical and healthcare market the peace of mind that nothing will be missed while also providing bitrate efficient solutions for optimal storage or online streaming.



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