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Tesla, a Silicon Valley-based electric car and now clean energy company, has started taking $1,000- reservations for its power-generating solar roofs. Founded by billionaire and Tech influencer Elon Musk, the solar roof panels are priced competitively: $21.85 per square foot, with 35% of the roof covered with solar tiles.

Mercury News reports that Tesla’s stocks climbed 1.2% on Wednesday. The surge is riding on the popularity of the solar roof panels, and the scheduled release of two more designs by 2018. Orders are being accepted for the “black glass smooth” and “textured” varieties. The curved, reddish Tuscan panels and slate rock designs are still under development.

Solar Roof Panels Technology
How the technology works

Tesla is confident that they have a target audience for their pricey solar roofs. The company had earlier acquired SolarCity, one of the leading solar installers in the country, in an effort to secure its footing in the residential solar industry.

Musk’s bold roof shingles are composed of three layers and come “with a warranty for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first,” quoted the company.

The first component is the high-efficiency solar cell; then there’s a film that makes the cell invisible to viewers on the ground. The final layer is made of tempered glass. The roofs will be sold along with various products and accessories, including the Powerwall battery.

Musk’s latest offering is another bold product innovation. The solar roof panels are meant to become an alternative energy solution, much like the electric cars that the company is known for producing.

“with a warranty for the lifetime of your house, or infinity, whichever comes first”

However, like its expensive cars, Tesla’s solar roof panels are beyond the reach of average consumers. Their market is very niche: residents with a passion for energy saving measures and very deep pockets.

At the moment, Tesla is accepting reservations for their solar roof panels online. Later on, the products will be displayed and sold in its stores alongside their electric vehicles. But this is only the beginning for Tesla, as it looks to develop an energy ecosystem, from its solar rooftops to its Powerwall battery storage to electric vehicles.


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