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NZP-ETI Showcases Energy-efficient Building Design

NZP-ETI Showcases Energy Efficient Building Design

The Net Zero Plus Energy Training Institute (NZP-ETI) is a model of and training facility for the best practices in using the latest energy-efficient building design technologies in building design and construction. The training center is “Net Zero Plus” because it produces more energy than it consumes. The excess energy feeds into the grid to add clean energy and reduce the need to expand traditional carbon-producing power plants.

“NZP-ETI demonstrates the future of energy-efficiency design, microgrid system integration, renewable energy production, energy storage solutions and grid resiliency”

“NZP-ETI demonstrate the future of energy-efficiency design, microgrid system integration, renewable energy production, energy storage solutions, and grid resiliency”, states bold leader Joe Berney, the President and co-owner of ReNewAll.

ReNewAll provides project financing for contractors and property owners desiring to implement energy-efficient building design.

To meet energy-efficient building design for both California and US climate goals of reduced carbon emissions, significant changes in building construction will have to occur. Buildings currently consume about two-thirds of US electricity. California’s residential standard requires every new home to function at net-zero (producing as much energy as it consumes) by 2020.

A state-of-the-art facility, NZP-ETI is constructed of the latest energy-efficient building design materials. A solar array provides the power, and the building incorporates the most recent energy-efficient building design. An automated system monitors and regulates the lighting and HVAC components to optimize energy consumption. The $17 million projects, financed by ReNewAll, was commissioned by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 11 and the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Electrical Contractor Association to provide apprenticeships and on-going training to meet the growing demands of the building industry as it transitions to a Net Zero Plus performance model.

By modeling the future of energy-efficient building design as it trains a new wave of energy specialists, NZPTI demonstrates that not only can energy-efficient building design can be accomplished economically and reliably, but it doesn’t have to wait for the future. Through bold action, Net Zero Plus can happen today.

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