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Fuel Cell Technology, The New Source of Clean Energy

Fuel Cell Technology, The New Source of Clean Energy

A revolutionary new energy source that generates clean, reliable power with minimal environmental impact has been developed by Bloom Energy.

The Bloom Energy Server provides several enhanced sustainability benefits, including: high efficiency, greenhouse gas emission reductions, and reduced air pollutants, water use and carbon footprint.

Built using solid oxide fuel cell technology, the fuel cells are like never ending batteries that “convert fuel into electricity through a clean electro-chemical process rather than by using dirty combustion.”

Researchers have developed the servers by “converting natural gas or renewable bio-gas into clean electricity using a direct electro-chemical reaction without combustion”. Scientists claim that this highly efficient process enables exceptionally high conversion efficiency.

Fuel cells act like batteries that “convert fuel into electricity through a clean electro-chemical process”

The energy servers are currently taking off in a big way, production in the United States is growing exponentially and the clean power systems are also being shipped abroad.

Developers claim that the servers are within the industry-leading 60% electrical efficiency bracket, and are on their way to delivering even higher energy efficiency.

In comparison, coal, another leading energy source, converts only 33% of its energy input into electricity and is powered from huge coal factories in industrial areas. Bloom Energy Servers “generate power at the customer’s site, clean energy is generated and provided directly where it is needed.”

As the world moves closer to adopting a clean energy future, more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly technologies are being developed. Reducing one’s carbon-footprint has not only become fashionable but is also a fundamental part of ensuring our environment is protected.

The United States recently signed the Paris Agreement along with 200 other countries to ensure the global temperature rise remains below 2 degrees, and to ensure carbon emissions from coal production, vehicles and other sources of energy are kept to a minimum.

Bloom Energy Servers allow users to reduce their carbon footprint by using a 100% carbon neutral power generation. When fueled with natural gas, it “releases a fraction of the CO2 produced by coal-fired plants or modern combined cycle natural gas plants even before considering transmission losses.”

It is bold ideas like these that go a long way to ensuring that not only our environment is protected but can generate greater energy efficiency while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

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