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The Success of Reelight’s Magnetic Energy Powers Bike Lights

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A new magnetic energy powers bike light financed by a crowdfunding campaign is taking the tech industry by storm.

The company is proving so successful that it has already doubled its $40,000 goal on its Kickstarter page, and is set to hit $100,000 in investment.

More than 1,300 people have so far pledged funds to Reelight’s Kickstarter web page, and the firm is gaining praise for their innovative invention the world over.

According to The Verge, what makes Reelight’s bike light made special is the fact that its magnetic energy, not batteries power it.

The concept is remarkably innovative. Instead of requiring batteries, the magnetic energy powers bike light mounted onto the spokes of the wheel. The wheel spin causes the magnetic energy to create energy which then powers the light. The lights also have a built-in generator, so they continue to work even if you stop peddling.

The company claims its CIO LED bike lights are “bright, battery-free, waterproof, and will flash during your ride — even when you stop. It’s also anti-theft, as the bike lights are mounted with a key and the wires are made of coated stainless steel, which is hard to break.”

Reelight has been operating since 2003. It was founded by a group of entrepreneurs in Aarhus, Denmark. The company decided to kick-off their latest crowdfunding campaign following the success of their NEO bike light crowdfund in 2015.

Reelight says their new CIO light is a vast improvement on the NEO bike light. “It has reduced the size of its magnetic energy while increasing output by approximately six times when compared to the previous version. Another goal for CIO was to “reinvent mounting”, its new bike light can mount on most bikes hassle-free,” according to The Verge.

The company says the light is more streamlined and compact and will cost less. What used to be two 4.7 inches magnetic energy module, mounted on each wheel, is now just one small magnet. The concept is better, and the light is brighter.

magnetic energy bike light

Reelight Burst Onto Scene with $100,000 Kickstarter

The company is proving so successful that it has already doubled its $40,000 goal on its Kickstarter page, and is set to hit $100,000 in investment.

Not only does the company operate out of Denmark, but its products can also be picked up right around the world.

Reelight is highly respected in Denmark. It’s a member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark, and its products are sold online. The company’s DRL dynamo lights have become the standard in Denmark, and they’ve helped lead the way in technological development over recent years.

Experts claim the bike light will help establish magnetic energy as a commercial energy source. Not only is the Danish firm using technology to power its inventions, but so are other firms right around the world. Magnetic energy is fast-becoming a competitive, sustainable energy source, and one that is exciting for consumers and offers many business opportunities.

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