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Tesla Rooftop Solar Shingles Are Ready to Make a Promising Bold Impact!

a photo containing a digital rendering of Tesla rooftop solar shingles on a house

Tesla rooftop solar shingles steer the conversation toward clean energy. Harnessing solar energy, rooftops could be in for large bold changes. They could impact the way we live and how we interact with the planet. Who would think something as mundane as shingles could be so important? Such is the question that Tesla rooftop solar shingles hope to answer and bring to front.

Elon Musk’s Solar City and Tesla recently announced their new version of Tesla rooftop solar shingles with fanfare. They are stunning to see, yet some industry people have expressed skepticism of their announcement timing and ability to deliver. Musk’s Solar City is not the first to introduce solar tiles—that is, their Tesla rooftop solar shingles. Denmark based Zep BV says it invented the solar roof tile in 2015.  Zep has installations already in Germany, England, Netherlands and Scandinavia.  Nevertheless, Bold Business is excited to see Musk boldly put his vision forward and bring attention to this bold idea.

a photo of a house with Tesla rooftop solar shingles
Ugly solar panels could become a thing of the past.

What is so Important about Tesla Rooftop Solar Shingles?


First off, the beauty of these shingles makes ugly solar panels an inferior choice going forward.  In some states and countries, solar panels are outlawed due to aesthetic reasons. Rooftop panels are largely illegal in Florida, South Carolina, Virginia and other states.  This detail could now get solved with aesthetically pleasing-to-the-eyes roof tiles.


a photo of the different rooftop designs or styles offered in relation to Tesla rooftop solar shingles
Tesla Offers 4 Solar Tile Styles

Secondly, Tesla rooftop solar shingles will power your home and your car! Tesla’s vision of integrating the home and transportation for electric power is an important step in finally bringing the solar market into a new paradigm. Using ugly panels or charging your car with electricity defeats some of the inherent passion people have for sustainable energy. This case will change. With Tesla’s new integrated Powerwall 2 and car charging unit, solar energy captured and stored will potentially be able to power a 4-bedroom house and your automobile.



Thirdly, Tesla rooftop solar shingles are durable and cost-efficient.

a photo of a house with Tesla Powerwall 2, in relation to Tesla rooftop solar shingles
Tesla Powerwall 2

According to Musk, his new panels are both.  “It’s never going to wear out. It’s made of quartz. It has a quasi-infinite lifetime,” he said at his press conference introducing his panels on the set of Desperate Housewives in Los Angeles. Tesla rooftop solar shingles are also—according to Tesla—stronger than traditional rooftops.

a photo of the Desperate Housewives Home with Tesla rooftop solar shingles
Desperate Housewives Home with Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

People’s Initial Response

Musk’s announcement was greeted with skepticism by some in the industry and media. Many hold that Tesla was not the first to market nor are its tiles ready for sale. Still, the company estimates the Tesla rooftop solar shingles or tiles will be available in mid-2017.

Additional specifications were sparse as well. Vox reporter David Roberts subsequently wrote, “The whole thing was less like a product introduction than a trailer for a product introduction, which seems like a strange move for a company already facing investor skepticism.” He further commented, “All in all, it was an underwhelming show from Tesla. The roof tiles are handsome, but all the details relevant to their commercial prospects remain unknown.”

Tesla Rooftop Solar Shingles Are Just the Beginning

Nevertheless, Bold Business applauds Elon Musk’s bold action. Sustainable Solar Energy is an important opportunity for world improvement. Bold ideas attract multiple bold leaders who take action to implement them. In commenting on Musk’s announcement, Zep BV reinforced the bold impact that the industry is aspiring to. “We share with Mr. Musk his visionary insight that solar energy power is the future and PV tiles must allow every homeowner to generate solar power for multiple energy purposes. In essence, we have the same idealistic mission,” said Joost de Graaf of ZEP.

Indeed, we will continue to follow the solar industry and its leaders. We are rooting for success!

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