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How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Eyecare

Machine Learning For Eyecare

We often take our sight for granted, but for those unfortunate enough to suffer with impaired vision or even blindness the desire to see is a far greater struggle than we could ever imagine.

Developed nations like the United States are contributing their technological knowhow to helping third world countries improve their healthcare but most importantly to enable people to see again.

To aid those with damaged eyesight, Microsoft is now exploring ways to use machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to develop predictive analytics for eyecare providers.

Here, looks at whether AI and machine learning can in fact help those with blindness and improve optical health around the world.

The Microsoft Intelligent Network for Eyecare (MINE) combines the L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) in India as well as universities from the United States, Australia and Brazil to study and develop new technologies to tackle eyesight problems.

The LVPEI is a non-profit treatment and research center that uses machine learning tools to improve patient outcomes, and experts help to develop practical and provable eyecare solutions.

The MINE team have built a model that predicts regression rates for eye operations which will allow doctors to identify the exact procedures needed to prevent and treat visual impairments.

According to, this international collaboration of experts aims to “reduce the incidence of preventable blindness and help providers better understand the development of visual impairments by leveraging Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite.’

Global experts will lead projects focused on “better predicting the rate of change of myopia in children, formulating more accurate predictions for the outcomes of refractive surgery, and establishing methodologies to personalize surgical procedures and raise the likelihood of success.”

Although these tests and technological advancements are being developed for global use, the main target market is developing countries that suffer a great deal with inadequate healthcare systems and eye diseases.

The United States plays an important part in improving eye health right around the world. Developing countries like India are seeing a vast improvement in the services they provide to their patients and healthcare organizations are extremely grateful for the knowledge and contributions they receive.

Continued research and development not only makes a bold impact on the healthcare industry but will help millions around the world struggling with eyesight problems.

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