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The Fight Is On In The Battle Between Coronavirus and Innovation

Some dude using a tablet to battle coronavirus

Across the globe, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering with the coronavirus infection, with the number of deaths related to COVID-19 rising . And almost everyone has been tremendously impacted by its presence. From healthcare workers, to policymakers, to small and large businesses alike, major challenges exist. Understanding this, coronavirus solutions are desperately needed, and sooner rather than later. Thankfully, some companies are stepping forward in this pandemic and are committed to fighting coronavirus. Through their tech innovations, there is hope that we may soon see some light at the end of the tunnel.

In terms of coronavirus solutions, many are needed to solve the challenges we face today. In order to manage this pandemic, widespread testing is needed. Not only must this be done on a broad scale, but it also must be done quickly, cheaply, and accurately. Likewise, healthcare workers are in dire need of medical supplies and personal protective equipment. And ultimately, vaccines and therapies will be essential in directing life back to normal. These are all areas where fighting coronavirus has proven to be difficult. But it is also areas where major tech innovations are appearing.

“A lot of businesses in Silicon Valley have been previously criticized for their behavior, and now we are asking for their help. They are stepping up, which is wonderful…” – Russ Shaw, Founder of Tech London Advocates

Novel Diagnostic Approaches in Fighting Coronavirus

Many countries, including the U.S., have struggled with having adequate numbers of COVID-19 tests during the pandemic’s early stages. Without adequate testing, the ability to track and isolate infectious carriers becomes impossible. Thus, one of the most urgent needs in fighting coronavirus involves rapid and accessible diagnostic tests. And in this regard, some companies and research groups are offering unique tech innovations that could be game-changers.

A bunch of cool apps and devices to fight coronavirus
Coronavirus and innovation are battling it out – and guess which one will inevitably come out on top?

One of the more intriguing coronavirus solutions involves an app that could diagnose the presence of COVID-19 from your voice. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have created the COVID Voice Detector app. By coughing, making some vowel sounds, and reciting portions of the alphabet, the app analyzes these sounds. Thus far, the group has been able to show reasonable success while still gathering more voices for analysis. Ultimately, this tech innovation could be applied to millions rapidly if proven to be fairly accurate.

Another tech innovation that is further along in its development is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool for fighting coronavirus. A collaboration between researchers at New York University and China has created a way to predict COVID-19 positive patients. Based on changes in liver enzymes, hemoglobin, and body sensations, the tool has an 80% accuracy record. Interestingly, however, the AI system did not find fever, age, gender, or x-ray appearance as helpful data. The hope is to have this diagnostic instrument available for use as early as April.

“It’s been fascinating because a lot of the data points that the [AI] machine used to help influence its decisions were different than what a clinician would normally look at.” – Megan Coffee, a physician and professor at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine

Other Tech Innovations and Coronavirus Solutions

In addition to the need for rapid and accurate diagnostics, medical supplies are also in high demand. In this regard, many corporations and businesses are revamping operations to lend a helping hand. Ford and other motor companies are partnering with companies to boost respirator production. Likewise, 3D printing companies are gearing up to produce masks, gowns, and respirators as well. And companies like Amazon are not only sharing logistics insights but also committing millions to the development of coronavirus solutions.

Of course, not all of those fighting coronavirus in the business sector are large corporations. Battelle, a company based in Columbus, Ohio, is doing its part as well. Despite being a small lab, Battelle has developed a Critical Care Decontamination System (CCDS). This tech innovation is important because it is able to sterilize and disinfect roughly 80,000 facemasks per day. By using concentrated hydrogen peroxide vapor, each CCDS system can re-supply health facilitates and workers with masks regularly. These types of coronavirus solutions are essential in gaining control over the pandemic as soon as possible.

“The government isn’t just looking at big corporations, they also need the help of those who are at the cutting edge of their field, who are creative, and who can react quickly.” – Zoe Chambers, early-stage investor at Octopus Ventures.

Coronavirus Solutions Focused on Treatment

In terms of tech innovations for fighting the coronavirus, treatments are certainly an area of interest. In this regard, Moderna, a well-funded U.S. biotech firm, has begun early clinical trials on a vaccine. Likewise, China-based CanSino Biologic has done the same. Though these appear to be the frontrunners, the WHO has reported over 50 other businesses seeking to develop a vaccine. And others as well as research universities are exploring potential treatments for those already with the illness.

In helping advance insights regarding treatment, other companies are encouraging ideas for novel coronavirus solutions. IBM has provided supercomputing services to aid researchers in better understanding the behaviors and characteristics of the COVID-19 virus. And several countries have sponsored “hackathons” in an effort to elicit new ideas and creative concepts. Specifically, the UK, Poland, India, and France are among the list hoping this will provide new approaches in fighting coronavirus.

“This is a wonderful response from the biomedical community to an epidemic. It’s both gratifying and problematic in the sense of how do you winnow all this down?” – Lawrence Corey, Virologist at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Business and Technology – Important Pieces of Coronavirus Solutions

Without question, countries and governments must work together to help solve the current global dilemma related to COVID-19. Likewise, each of us must do our part in an effort to save lives and protect public health. But in addition, businesses and tech innovations are likely to play a major role in key coronavirus solutions. And thus far, numerous businesses have been bold in accepting their social responsibility in fighting coronavirus and its effects. Through such collaborations and partnerships, we are destined to succeed.

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