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Largest Marijuana Corporations Partner Up to Go Global

a globe wrapped in marijuana leaves against a cannabis leaf background, symbolizes companies that produce medical marijuana

When marijuana first came into the market, the bold idea automatically separated society into two groups of people: those who were for and those who believed marijuana was a gateway drug. Now though, extensive scientific research has proved that the misunderstood plant is effective as a medicine and has many therapeutic uses.

The field of medicine eventually accepted the different and often unconventional solutions marijuana offers. It also became clear that the market of cannabis use will be based on demand, which is why businesses began to manufacture marijuana for medical purposes.

Now, the companies Canopy Growth, Organa Brands, and Green House plan to work together in order to sell some of the most recognizable brands of medical marijuana throughout Canada. These three big names in the cannabis industry are also aiming to export their marijuana brands in international markets. Experts are even calling this collaboration the “largest global cannabis partnership to date.”

Canopy Growth

The Ontario-based company is known as a medical cannabis firm that manufactures and sells marijuana edibles, oil extracts, and strains. Canopy Growth Corporation was established in 2015, formerly as Tweed Marijuana Inc., with Bruce Linton is the chief executive officer (CEO).

Canopy Growth has a market cap of $3.8 billion, making it the largest cannabis company in the world. Constellation Brands is the primary investor of the company.

Linton mentioned, “These individual businesses each bring an interesting combination of experience, brands, and entry points into the sector.”

Organa Brands

The ultimate goal of the Denver, Colorado-based company Organa Brands is to be the biggest and best cannabis firm in America. President Chris Driessen runs the company in the style of a tech startup.

Organa Brands makes vaping products and edibles. They also post top line sales of nearly $100 million in the year 2016. The firm is the only company focusing on cannabis with products on the market in 11 states in the U.S. where cannabis use is legal (Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont).

Their 1,200 dispensaries have a variety of products under five distinct brands:

The Largest Global Cannabis Partnership to Date
  • Organa Labs™ – The first company under Organa Brands, and sells cannabis oil that has gone through a supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process.
  • penVAPE™ – An online store that focuses on selling vape cartridges and vaporizer pens, with a reputation for being the best cannabis vaporizer in its class. It has won multiple awards, not only for the product itself, but also its marketing and branding.
  • Bakked™ – It offers only strain-specific, small batch distillates that highlights terpene and cannabinoid purification. Their flagship product, the Dabaratus, is their one-click solution for dabbing; Bakked’s cannabis oil is up to 98% potent.
  • The Magic Buzz™ – The product offers marijuana edibles and cannabis-infused drinks that are sweetened with without adding sugar. Their products provide relaxation, energy, or even a good night’s sleep.
  • District Edibles™ – Their products are quality, artisan-crafted marijuana gummy edibles in various flavors, for both medical and recreational use.

Organa Brands’ co-founder and CEO, Jeremy Heidl even mentioned that their company is working hard in order to expand to Switzerland, Germany and other European countries.

Green House

The Netherlands-based firm Green House Seed Company, together with their sister brand Strain Hunters, are known for their globetrotting documentaries, popular consumption clubs, and influential genetics. Founded by Arjan Roskam, the company is also considered a veteran in the industry and is one of the most successful cannabis businesses in the world.

Canopy Growth’s 20,000 sq. ft. federally-licensed Agripharm facility will be the location for the said collaboration. The Ontario-based company also issued shares to Organa Brands and Green House. The issuance is made in exchange for exclusive licenses in Canada for intellectual property, genetics, and proprietary technology.

Medical Cannabis in Canada

While Canada is famous for many things, the North American country recently turned heads because they legalized marijuana as of early 2017. For now, the country currently supports only medical marijuana, especially for people who have conditions under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Peter Miller said that “These groups, we’re all entering into a partnership to explore the world. There’s an ambition to work together globally, similar to how we’re working together in Canada.”

How is Marijuana Helping People?

Marijuana first showcased its medical benefits when people reported relief from body pains. From there, its importance grew bigger, as researchers and experts found that the cannabis plant has the ability to cure or at least alleviate the symptoms of the following illnesses:

  • Cancer
  • Epilepsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Right now, the ban on edibles and concentrates in Canada is a major obstacle to the joint venture of the companies. But recent reports have suggested that in late 2018 or 2019, the North American country might allow the manufacturing and sale of edibles and extracts.

The collaboration of the companies that produce medical marijuana is a bold idea and will definitely result in bold impacts for many people affected by diseases and chronic ailments. With the technology and innovation that people have now, there is no doubt that medical breakthrough will happen soon enough.

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