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Digital Tranquility: Simple Habit and the ‘Spotify-ing’ of Meditation

Simple Habit meditation is digital based

Back in 2016, Simple Habit founder and CEO Yunha Kim was just another stressed-out individual. She wore too many hats at the same time. As the founder of a startup company called Locket and a student of Stanford Graduate Business School, she looked for ways to better manage pressure and stress. After discovering the benefits of meditation, Kim incorporated the habit in her daily routine. Thus, the idea of creating the Simple Habit meditation app – “The Spotify of Meditation” – surfaced.

Simple Habit is the meditation app for people on-the-go. The app offers 1,000+ guided meditations from world-class experts. With a mission to empower people to handle stress, achieve more and live better, the Simple Habit meditation app provides bite-size meditations.

The Need for Tranquility Amidst the Frenzy

Premier professional networking platform, LinkedIn conducted a survey among professionals in the US to assess how widespread workplace stress is. Based on the results, the study confirmed that more than half of the workforce is suffering from stress. Clearly, stress is an issue that needs to be addressed. Failure to confront the issue will cause more problems down the road. Some of these issues such as low productivity, high turnover rate, and health concerns can impact the organization and the employees.

As organizations and companies are investing in health and wellness, employees also realize the benefits of rest, mindfulness, and meditation. The billion-dollar mindfulness industry is undergoing a tremendous growth spurt. Wellness studios, courses on mindfulness, and technologies around meditation are gaining traction.

However, due to our time-strapped lifestyle, the majority of the population still finds it difficult to set aside some time to breathe, feel, and focus. With the Simple Habit meditation app, users are able to create their own pockets of tranquility amidst the frenzy.

Simple Habit Meditation App: Revolutionizing Mindfulness

The Simple Habit meditation app aims to make meditation straightforward and convenient. With a sleek and easy to navigate interface, meditations are sorted between the On-The-Go and Series Tabs. Craving for a quick break? Click the On-The-Go tab and meditate in as little as five minutes.

While there are several meditation apps available in the market, Simple Habit meditation app is revolutionizing the mindfulness space in many ways. Firstly, Simple Habit meditation app gives its users the option to choose from a wide array of meditation experts, coaches, therapists, and psychologists around the world. Simple Habit’s impressive roster of carefully vetted teachers includes Cory Muscara, Catherine Cook-Cottone, and Jay Chodagam, to name a few.

Simple Habit is on track by positioning itself as the “Spotify of meditation.” By giving a portion of the users’ subscription to the teachers in the platform, the app is succeeding in attracting the experts in the field. For discriminating users, top quality offerings and varied selections are attractive.

Simple Habit Meditation: Mindfulness To Go

Since its founding in 2016, Simple Habit has continued to demonstrate consistency and potential. The app got Google’s approving nod by winning the “The Standout Well-Being App Award” in May 2018. Additionally, Simple Habit was recognized as the third most popular app in the iOS App Store for Q3 2018; Calm and Headspace in the first and second spot. Recently, Simple Habit got additional financial backing by securing its Series-A funding for $10 million.

There is no one-size-fits-all way to manage stress as each individual can have varying stress thresholds. The key is to find a way to manage stress that works for you. Clearly, the ability to meditate and practice mindfulness in your own terms meets the need of time-strapped users. With this value proposition, the Simple Habit meditation app is ready to stand out.

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