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The Hangover, Cured by Tesla Employee

People enjoying drinks at the beach.

There’s nothing like a great party, with friends, food, fun, and a good supply of adult beverages. And there isn’t much that is worse than the hangover that follows. The perfect hangover cure could rank up there with the holy grail as the world’s most sought after secret.

Eventually they found the critical ingredient, dihydromyricetin or DHM… the very same toxic acids that make hangovers so miserable.

Sisun Lee, formerly of Facebook and Tesla, two of the coolest companies on earth where a good party is almost always in the offing, knew there had to be a better solution to hangovers than teetotaly or suffering. People want to imbibe, they love to imbibe, and there had to be a way to make drinking a bit too much easier on the body. There had to be a way to ease or even eliminate hangovers.

So Lee set out to find a cure for the hangover, actually a treatment that would eliminate the headache, fatigue and stomach churning nausea. He went east in search of a cure, hunting for medicinal tonics in the ancient traditions of the Asia. Lee launched Morning Recovery to develop and market a hangover treatment that works.

Coming from a media background, they launched on Indiegogo. Within days they had a quarter of a million dollars, $240,992 to be exact. It seemed that everyone wanted a hangover cure. And they were willing to pay good money for it as well.

Lee is a native of South Korea, where they know how to have a good time. Drinking is part of socializing and the good life. But, Lee and his friends never had hangovers while in South Korea, because they had a number of handy cures that eliminated the pain and weariness of hangovers.

Search for the Hangover Cure

There were a number of effective cure drinks available. What Lee wanted to do was isolate the critical component, so that they could replicate it, refine it, and prove that it was effective in easing and treating hangovers. He sought out Dr. Jing Liang, a researcher at UCLA, to search through and assess the ingredients used in hangover cures in South Korea.

Guys having hangover in a room after a party.

Eventually they found the critical ingredient, dihydromyricetin or DHM. This chemical removes toxic acids from the body, the very same toxic acids that make hangovers so miserable. To offer an extra boost, they added a splash of Vitamin B and Vitamin C, both of which can be depleted after an evening of drinks.

At $5 per bottle, Morning Recovery is a huge hit. It takes away the pain of the night before, and restores brain and body chemistry. A few companies have taken notice of the breakout popularity of the hangover cure. More than a few in the health and wellness industry are trying to play catch up to Lee. But his Korean roots and the traditional knowledge have put him far ahead of the pack.

Morning Recovery may spell the end of the morning hangover. It may not be the most bold idea in history, but as Lee points out, lots of people drink and lots of time is lost to hangovers. He has a point, Morning Recovery may be the biggest productivity boost since the invention of the candle. Another round, please.


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