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Hemp, Hemp Hooray! – The 10 Best CBD-Infused Drinks on the Market

A picture of the best CBD-infused drinks

As states across the country move to legalize the use of marijuana, another hemp-based product is gaining ground. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-addictive hemp product that doesn’t provide the “high” associated with THC. Yet CBD does provide a number of health and wellness benefits for a variety of conditions, which is why the market is seeing a flood of CBD-infused products designed for specific purposes. Some helps with stress and anxiety. Others promote sleep and relaxation. And when combined with other herbs, botanicals, and supplements, CBD-infused products offer additional advantages. With this in mind, the following lists some of the best CBD drinks for relaxation, destressing, and sleep.

One of the best CBD-infused drinks
What are the best CBD-infused drinks?

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  1. Day One – If you’re new to the CBD game, then this is one of the best CBD-infused drinks to consider. Day One has no calories and offers a simple, clean and crisp flavor that’s definitely easy to enjoy. Plus, each beverage continues only 20mg of CBD so you can ease into your hemp-based experience. Day One flavors are also simple consisting of lemon, lime of grapefruit sparkling varieties. Because of these features, Day One is one of the best CBD drinks for relaxation and for a chill experience.
  1. Mad Tasty – Perhaps, this CBD beverage is best known for its celebrity producer, Ryan Tedder of One Republic. But in addition, it too is one of the best CBD-infused drinks on the market today. Mad Tasty varieties are naturally low calorie because they contain no sugar. They are also quite hydrating and are known for being among the best CBD drinks for relaxation. And they also have great names and flavors like Unicorn Tears, Yuzu Citrus and Watermelon Kiwi.
  1. Recess – If one CBD drink was awarded godfather status of the bunch, it might be Recess. Not only is it one of the best CBD-infused drinks but also one of the best tasting. Popular flavors include Pomegranate Hibiscus and Coconut Lime among many others. Plus, it has a reputation as one of the best CBD drinks for relaxation and chilling. In addition to hemp, Recess drinks also contain adaptogens, ginseng and L-theanine to help you deal with stress.
  1. Flyers Cocktail Company – Based in New York, Flyers Cocktail Company is perhaps best known for the bold flavors. While the company’s founders are from Australia, they have partnered with a world-renowned mixologist to boost flavor options. Rather than covering up the natural bold and bitter nature of CBD, Flyers Cocktails embrace them. This results in flavors like Japanese Yuzu Citrus and Oak Vanilla. Thus, if bold flavors are your thing, then Flyers will be among the best CBD-infused drinks for you.
  1. Miraflora – Not all CBD-infused drinks are for chilling and relaxation. Some are also used for sports recovery. Leading the list in this category among the best CBD-infused drinks for sports is Miraflora. In addition to having 35mg of CBD, thee beverages also include other essential amino acids and electrolytes. Also, it has a coconut water base with antioxidants included as well. This boosts recovery after a workout while reducing overall inflammation. And Miraflora drinks are low-calorie, which makes them a great alternative to many other sports beverage options.

    A list of the best CBD drinks for relaxation
    These are some of the best CBD drinks for relaxation.
  1. Vybes – If you’re looking for a middle-of-the-road CBD beverage that’s also delicious, Vybes drinks are it. In addition to being a non-seltzer CBD drink option, it’s one of the best CBD drinks for relaxation. Plus, these beverages also contain the freshest ingredients with a sunny sweet taste. Popular flavors include Blueberry Mint, Honeycrisp Apple Basil, and Peach Ginger. For flavor and effect combined, Vybes is one of the best CBD-infused drinks.
  1. Wynk – For the health nuts in the crowd, Wynk CBD beverages have been listed among the healthiest. In addition to having zero calories, Wynk drinks offer an equal portion of THC and CBD in its ingredient list. Also, while many zero-calorie offerings may not taste the best, these drinks do. Common selections include Black Cherry Fizz and Juicy Mango. For those seeking one of the best CBD drinks for relaxation and chilling without a hangover, Wynk is a great choice.
  1. Amass Afterdream – For some who seek CBD-infused drinks, there is a desire to have a cocktail without the alcohol. If this is the case, Amass Afterdream CBD beverages are ideal. The contain THC, CBD and Delat-8 ingredients as well as 14 different botanicals. This combination of ingredients simulates the effects of alcohol making it one of the best CBD drinks for relaxation and fun. Amass is also one of the more meticulously crafted CBD beverages on the market, investing significant research into their products.
  1. Cann – If you ask people on the street which are the best CBD-infused drinks, Cann beverages are certain to come up. In fact, they have quietly become the #1 best seller of CBD drinks in many states. Various flavor and infused offerings vary by state based on existing marijuana laws. Some locales offer a variety of THC-infused flavors while all list unspiked options without THC. Cann beverages are also well known for its relaxing and destressing effects.
  1. Sweet Reasons – When it comes to CBD beverages, many consumers want different effects at different times. If you’re one of those people, then Sweet Reasons is likely one of the best CBD-infused drinks for you. They offer drinks in both an AM and PM categories, making them the best CBD drinks for relaxation or energy. If you need focus and reduced stress, then AM drinks are the way to go. If you want to sleep and relax, then choose from the PM category. These drinks also come in 7 different flavors, and 1% of purchases goes to the non-profit of your choice.


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