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Medical Biotechnology and Its Healthcare Breakthroughs

Medical Biotechnology and Its Healthcare Breakthroughs

Phenomenal breakthroughs have been made in healthcare in recent decades. The evolution of cures were lifesavers for many people who suffer from conditions like malaria, typhoid fever, tuberculosis, and countless more. But as diseases became resistant to some treatments, science had to adapt and seek new cures.

When CAR-T cell therapy was introduced into the world of medicine, it automatically became a breakthrough. The treatment combined the process of immunology, engineering, and genomics.

Doctors searched for bold solutions and discovered a new approach called Biotechnology. It connects biomolecular and cellular procedures in order to form products and technologies that offer cures and treatments for many stubborn ailments.

Biotechnology is the second important healthcare trend, in our Bold Business Healthcare Series. The following startup companies are improving medications for the betterment of the patients around the world.

Anti-Aging Technology

People experience different illnesses when they grow old. The following startup companies are working toward better ways to deal with the inevitable effects of aging.


BioAge Labs is a California-based company which created a machine learning-powered platform. These platforms focus on discovering medications for diseases that come with age. The company was established in 2015, where Kristen Fortney is the Founder and CEO.

The startup aims to address the process of aging. At present, it is looking for ways to stop Alzheimer’s disease. The projected total funding of BioAge is $10.9M, with AME Cloud Ventures, Felicis Ventures, and Pear as its investors.


Biotechnology company logos.

Founded in 2016, the United Kingdom-based company is currently making noise in the field of medicine. CellAge aims to increase a human health span by developing tools that identify and remove aging cells through synthetic biology.

The startup company’s founders want to create a system called SeneSENSE, which identifies senescent or deteriorating cells. The estimated total funding of CellAge $30K, with Kizoo Technology Ventures as one of its investors.

Unity Biotechnology

Unity Biotechnology concentrates on crafting treatments that could aid age-related afflictions such as kidney diseases and even osteoarthritis. Keith Leonard, the CEO of the company, made sure that they are keeping pace with this new trend of discovering anti-aging remedies.

The company, based in California, aims to eliminate senescent cells. Experts from the startup already moved 90 candidates into clinical trials. They have also created 13 medicines that are FDA-approved.

Unity Biotechnology has a total funding of $151.3M, with Cycad Group, Three Lakes Partners, and INVUS Opportunities as some of its investors.

Companies Targeting RNA to Cure Diseases

Ribonucleic acid (RNA) is probably one of science’s best discoveries for it serves as a gateway of treating a number of diseases that are resistant to normal medicines. The following companies developed drugs that would target RNA to better human health conditions.

ARRAKIS Therapeutics

The Massachusetts-based company was founded in 2015 and since then, it continues to create and commercialize RNA-targeted small molecule medications. The drugs can treat disorders in oncology, neurology, and even genetic. Michael Gilman is the CEO of Arrakis Therapeutics.

PEARL-seq and TRYST, the startup’s discovery platforms, combined assays, bioinformatics, and chemical libraries in order to recognize relevant RNA targets. It has an estimated total funding of $38M. Some of its investors include Pfizer, Advent Life Sciences, and Canaan Partners.


Translate Bio creates transformative RNA therapies to aid different illnesses caused by the dysregulation of gene expression. The startup company, with Ronald C. Renaud, Jr. as CEO, is developing new approaches to access new targets not addressable by current modalities and tactics.

It is expected that their lead programs for ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency and cystic fibrosis will start Phase 1 trials by 2018. It was also reported that the company has an estimated total funding of $150.5M with investors including Partners Innovation Fund, Pfizer Venture Investments, and SR One.


It is a company that research, markets, and create messenger RNA therapeutics used for oncology treatments, hemophilic blood factors, and genetic disorders. Moderna made early-stage mRNA vaccine researches for diseases like Zika virus, Influenza H7, and Influenza H10.

Moderna was founded in 2010 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Stephane Bancel heads the operation as the CEO with a total disclosed funding of $1.34B. Some of its investors include RA Capital Management, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and AstraZeneca.

Companies Providing CAR-T Cell Therapy

When CAR-T cell therapy was introduced into the world of medicine, it automatically became a breakthrough. The treatment combined the process of immunology, engineering, and genomics. The following startup companies proved that CAR-T cell therapy is worth exploring.

TILT Biotherapeutics

Established in 2013, TILT Biotherapeutics is a Finland-based company that studies, uncovers, creates, and commercializes a novel oncolytic viral immunotherapy in order to cure cancer. The startup company’s technology has the ability to overcome obstacles in the treatment of solid tumors.

It was reported that their oncolytic virus named TILT-123 [a combination of IL-2 (formerly known as T-cell growth factor) and TNF-α], will start its Phase 1 trials in 2018. The therapy will focus on enhancing a chimeric antigen receptor modified T-cell (CAR-T) and tumor infiltrating lymphocyte therapies.

Akseli Hemminki is the CEO of TILT Biotherapeutics; their current total funding is $10.7M. Some of its investors include European Commission, Finnish Funding, Agency for Technology and Innovation, and Lifeline Ventures.

CARsgen Therapeutics

China joined the medical phenomena of CAR-T cell therapy as its Shanghai-based startup company commercializes and creates novel chimeric antigen receptor T-cell therapeutics. CARSgen, founded in 2014, is their version of a clinical-stage immunotherapy organization.

They are in a number of Phase 1 trials for indications like glioblastoma, carcinoma, and squamous lung cancer.

Zonghai Li is the CEO and President of CARSgen Therapeutics. The company has a projected total funding of $30M with KTB Ventures as its primary investor.


Autolus Limited is a London-based startup company that commercializes and develops T-cell immunotherapies that attempt to treat hematological malignancies and cancer. The company is processing Phase 1 and 2 researches of its AUTO3 CAR-T cell therapy for adult Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma and pediatric Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia.

Christian Itin is the Chairman and CEO of the startup. It has an estimated total funding of $185.7M, and some of its investors include Woodford Investment Management and Arix Bioscience.


Startup companies all over the world are beginning to show great promise in the field of medicine. The healthcare advancements showcase bold actions on ailments once deemed incurable.

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