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Peerfit Is Revolutionizing Wellness. Learn How!

Peerfit Redefining wellness

The definition of “fitness” may vary from one person to another. Some employees who are just starting to get on a healthy lifestyle may choose the stairs over riding the elevator. However, those who are fitness enthusiasts, it may mean working out every day of the week. With the busy schedules of living in a corporate world, integrating any fitness activities into the calendar is such a feat. This is where Peerfit boldly comes in.

Peerfit is a digital fitness platform that enables companies to offer fitness program and wellness services to their employees from a wide array of healthcare and fitness providers. Peerfit functions as a community that allows employers, their employees, and local fitness studios to share and enjoy amazing workout experiences. Within its platform, employees can select classes that suit their personal preferences among network of gyms and studios; manage workout schedules and reserve classes from its dashboard; and combine a set of fitness programs, including crossfit, boxing, yoga, cycling, and many more.

Climbing Epic Milestones

Peerfit Inc. was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Tampa, FL. In 2017, however, the company’s team more than doubled its size with the majority of the team working remote.  Throughout 43 states, its Peerfit Studio Network increased by almost 800 percent, growing to thousands of fitness studios. The total number of workout classes enrolled had also grew by 241 percent.

Edward Buckley III, PhD, Peerfit’s co-founder and CEO, described the company’s development: “Our growth in 2017 has set the bar for us as we move forward. This round of funding, along with some major milestones in Q4 really graduates us from a start-up to a growth company. Moreover, it allows us new levels of experience at leadership, and will fuel overall company growth.”

Limitless Wellness Across the Nation

In Bold Business’ Interview with CEO Ed Buckley from the Synapse Summit, he elaborated the bold impact Peerfit is contributing to businesspeople and fitness-minded employees across the nation.

“Wellness has been… It’s been stagnant. It’s an eye roll moment for people,” Buckley said.

Surveys show some people skip or stop workouts because gym memberships are pricey. However, another reason is that the gym is too far away, or simply, they lack motivation to do so.

“We want it to redefine wellness. We want it to be able to take that word back and have it easy and enjoyable again,” added Buckley.

Through its network of health and fitness providers, employees can easily track of their health goals and by using the “wellness currency” in any accredited Peerfit’s fitness studios.

“What if you could go wherever you want it to go whenever you want it to go with your friends, family, and co-workers?” Additionally he said,  “Let me give you some credit so that you can go to the best studios while you’re in town and not just our low below average gym.”

Win-Win Solution

It’s a win-win solution for companies looking to increase employee physical activity to help boost work productivity. Employers need only to pay for engagement and track usage while their employees stay healthy and motivated. Its clients include Aetna, Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, United Health, The Tampa Bay Lightning, Laser Spine Institute, and St. Vincent’s Healthcare.

“I think our impact is a bold one. So we get to affect million people’s lives all over the country by working with the largest health insurance carriers. It’s placed right in front of the individual in such an easy,” stated Peerfit’s CEO.

Peerfit is continuously expanding and growing exponentially. Just recently, the digital health company has raised a total amount of almost $20M in funding. The Tampa Bay based startup firm is boldly revolutionizing wellness, and it has only just begun.

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