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Redefining Men’s Health and Wellness – One Product at a Time

Redefining Men's Health and Wellness
Redefining Men's Health and Wellness - One Product at a Time Infographic

Picture a female model dabbing tinted moisturizer on her cheeks, or a lithe female yogi on her way to the newest aroma yoga in town. Easy, right? Brands in the wellness department are teeming with products designed or formulated with women in mind. On the other hand, men’s health and wellness are almost nonexistent. Except for a few necessary hair and skincare products or supplements claiming to cure “performance” dysfunction, the wellness industry mainly caters to the needs of female consumers. The truth is, the trillion-dollar wellness industry and its subcategories – personal care and beauty, weight loss, supplements, mindfulness – have very little to offer in the male wellness category.

However, a growing number of companies are responding to male wellness demands. Why? Because the discussions around self-care and wellness – often relegated as non-male topics – are gaining a wider audience. With such positive developments, it is safe to say that things are about to get rosier for men’s health and wellness.

Those Who Manned Up: Bold Businesses in the Men’s Health and Wellness Industry

More than they care to admit, men do worry about wrinkles and blemishes. Factor in male-specific insecurities caused by receding hairlines and crippling psychosexual anxieties – a lot is going on behind the tough exterior. But a handful of startups and companies dared to crack open the shell and manned up to meet the demands in the male wellness space.
Cartoon of a man grooming in front of the mirror.
Men’s health and wellness is a growing market.

  1. Asystem calls itself a betterment company. Founded in 2018, Asystem offers science-backed product spanning supplements, vitamins, and personal care. Their products help men look, feel, and perform at their best.
  2. Goop Men is a segment within Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Wellness Line. The key feature of Goop Men is the Goop Fellas Podcast, available for iPhone and Android users. With male-centered content, the podcast aims to inspire men to be in control of their health.
  3. Harry’s mission: offer exceptional products at a real value. Founded in 2013 by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider, Harry’s offer German-engineered razors and blades, well-rounded personal care products, and a mission to promote better mental health care for men. Harry’s donates 1% of the annual sales to organizations that share the company’s mission.
  4. Dollar Shave Club customers can subscribe to affordable personalized grooming routine delivered right at their doorstep. By solving the essential hurdle for men’s grooming – cost, convenience, and custom-made, the company has contributed significantly to the men’s health and wellness space.
  5. Keeps is a subscription-based direct-to-consumer company offering hair loss solutions. Two out of three men will experience male pattern baldness. Still, hair loss can be a significant source of insecurity for men. With Keeps, men have access to FDA-approved, affordable, and personalized hair loss program.
  6. War Paint For Men is out on a mission – to break the stigma that makeup is solely for women. With quality products formulated for men, War Paint For Men is empowering men to break stereotypes and do what makes them feel good about themselves.
  7. Boys of Yoga believes in the power of Yoga to empower men. The ability to connect to every aspect of one’s life paves the path towards strength, calm, and focus. Founded in the UK by Michael James Wong, Boys of Yoga are now inspiring men and boys from all corners of the world to follow and practice Yoga.
  8. Tom Ford for Men expanded their beauty line to also include a segment for Men. Luxurious and top of the line, Tom Ford for Men offers skincare, bath, serum, and cosmetics for their male customers.
  9. Clinique for Men markets simple, smart, and straightforward skincare products. On top of the Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize, and Shave regimen, consumers can use the targeted solutions line up and customize skin routine.
  10. Hims wanted to make men’s health and wellness approachable and affordable. Its founder, Andrew Dudum, decided to start the company with the awareness that there’s a shortage of products that cater to male wellness. Hims was then launched in 2017 and is on track to be THE one-stop-shop for men’s health and wellness needs.
men's health and wellness, andrew dudum quoted
hims listens to him.

Self-Care: It’s for Men Too

Whether physical or mental afflictions, men avoid health care for fear of being seen as weak or less masculine. Consequently, men hold out in seeking health care up to the last moment. When men finally seek health care, they tend to do it in a downplayed and hushed manner. Unfortunately, such unrealistic expectations of strength set against men contribute to bottling up of frustrations. Without access to holistic male wellness programs, men have nowhere to turn to.

male wellness, oliver walsh quoted
Men’s wellness is no longer under-served.

Fortunately, societies are beginning to see the detrimental effects of these behaviors on men’s health and wellness. With the growing appreciation for self-care, men are looking for products and services that cater specifically to male wellness. While men’s health and wellness is a previously untapped industry, there is a host of growth opportunities waiting to be realized. Self-care and men’s health and wellness are finally getting the attention it deserves.

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