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In the past, corporations focused primarily on the bottom line. Total sales, gross revenues, profit margins and shareholder returns ruled the day. Of course, these targets remain important for business success. But employers are increasingly appreciating the importance of employee wellness. And many are turning to the StayWell Company for assistance.

With more than 40 years in business, the StayWell Company offers employers preeminent wellness engagement and educational programs. For the past two years, Pearce Fleming has been at the helm as president, overseeing all the company’s operations. From his perspective, businesses today can ill afford to neglect employee health and wellness. As a matter of fact, he believes developing an integrated wellness program that respects employees is essential for true success.

a photo quote of Pearce Fleming of StayWell Company on what they do for their company clients
The company provides employers the tools to improve population health.

The StayWell Company Links Wellness to Life Satisfaction and Productivity

In essence, StayWell leverages the latest research evidence in behavior science to augment health and wellness among employees. Using health literacy principles, StayWell enables employees to develop the ability to better manage their health. Likewise, the company provides employers the tools to improve population health. But as Fleming explains, the key is getting businesses to appreciate the impact these wellness programs can veritably have.

Overall, employees who score low on life satisfaction average about 15 missed days of work per year. At the same time, poor health is directly linked to reduced employee engagement, productivity and long-term retention. All of these significantly increase costs and reduce profitability. In contrast, 89 percent of employees with a wellness plan report higher life satisfaction scores. And for every dollar spent on a wellness plan, companies enjoy an actual return of $1.50 to $3.00 on average. According to Fleming, this fact is why StayWell wellness programs offer employers tremendous opportunity.

a photo quote of Pearce Fleming of StayWell Company on what they do for their primary clients
The end customer and the actual employee who engages with the platform is the ultimate target for success for StayWell Company.

Fleming Envisions a ‘B2B2C’ Process for StayWell’s Success

As Fleming notes, StayWell’s primary clients are employers who implement employee wellness platforms. However, in order to attain real success and reach target goals, the employer’s focus cannot be solely on businesses. Instead, the end customer and the actual employee who engages with the platform is the ultimate target for success. Thus, by adopting a process—particularly, the ‘B2B2C’ or ‘business to business to customer’ process—that extends through to the end-customer, employers and employees alike can achieve better wellness results. Such a case means greater employee engagement, motivation, and opportunity for employees to take control of their own health and wellness.

For Fleming, his B2B2C process involves profoundly understanding the needs of employees and employers alike. As a result, StayWell has developed a new wellness platform that connects comprehensively with end-customers to better appreciate preferences. By encouraging employee participation and feedback, StayWell is better able to create better programs moving forward. And by combining that with behavioral science and advanced health literacy principles, clients can achieve continued wellness and productivity goals.

Fleming’s Leadership Philosophy 

Taking on the role of president at StayWell was a welcome challenge for Fleming. He was charged with helping the company achieve greater efficiencies and to maximize various synergies throughout the corporation. As such, he saw it as an opportunity to promote business-wide collaboration that would strengthen StayWell’s hundreds of employees. Plus, it was a chance to align his personal and professional goals for enhanced wellness in all of his endeavors.

With that in mind, Fleming has fully embraced the leadership role at StayWell. His leadership philosophy demands that people come first and that investments in relationships be pursued. At the same time, clarity of communication and the creation of a trusting organizational culture are also essential. Moreover, demonstrating transparency, authenticity and honesty are similarly crucial.

StayWell: What Lies Ahead

For companies choosing to utilize StayWell’s wellness programs, it is now offering a new platform. With a greater focus on personal health determinants, this platform offers greater employee engagement and health management plan control. In addition, the company continues to advance innovation not only through employee engagement but also through data analytics and AI.

Without question, wellness programs are undoubtedly good for businesses in numerous ways. And if Pearce Fleming has any say, the StayWell Company will continue to be a leader in this field.

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