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Adidas Modernizes By 3D Printing Shoes

Adidas 3D Printing Shoes

3D printing has ushered in creative possibilities for bold new ideas, and Adidas has seized the opportunity to utilize this innovative technology for the efficient mass-production of quality products.  Employing a new method known as Digital Light Synthesis, their 4D Frontrunners offer the latest look into the future of commercially viable uses of 3D printing, starting with 3D printing shoes.

The adaptability of 3D printing caters to a wide audience, and by pairing up with the innovative team at Carbon, the largest European sportswear manufacturer has outshone its competitors by redefining existing limits of production. Using their new method, objects are capable of being produced within 2 hours – at least 10 times faster than the speed of other 3D printers!

This faster manufacturing method is intended to improve the customizability of Adidas products, allowing soles to be effortlessly tweaked and adapted to suit the needs of specific individuals. Not only will their products be tailored to specific sports and markets, but within the coming years these bold innovators intend for customers to have a unique design personalized and manufactured for them within moments at any Adidas store.

Their bold plans position the company as leading innovators for the mass-production of merchandise, joining the ongoing movement to discover ingenious ways to improve society using 3D technology. With an intended 100,000 pairs to be produced by the end of 2018, Adidas are well on their way to forming a production method of 3D printing shoes that will change the face of high performance footwear.

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