Can Climate Change Solutions Undo the Damage? Green Companies Spark Hope!

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Climate change is like the mythical, multi-headed hydra. Decimate one head, and two more heads will grow in its place. But unlike the hydra, climate change is real. To defeat the beast, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and inhibition of the release of pollutants to the environment are not enough. For climate change solutions to work, regenerative actions to reverse the damage and clean up the environment must be pursued as well. Experts predict that we only have about a decade to carry out policies and climate change solutions. If we move too late, then we must brace ourselves for cataclysmic impact. Nevertheless, companies saving the environment today are coming to light.

a photo quote of Marc Ian Barasch in relation to the discussion of climate change solutions and companies saving the environment
Marc Ian Barasch poses a question in the hopes of humanity building a compassionate ecological civilization.
climate change solutions and the companies saving the environment

Factors of Climate Change Infographic

With large swathes of forests ravaged by wildfires, coastal areas wiped out by super typhoons and hurricanes, and nations suffering from water crisis and food shortage—the call to act now has never been louder and clearer. With time breathing down our necks, the fight against climate change seems like a Herculean task. Thankfully, companies saving the environment offer a glimmer of hope.

Climate-Change Warriors: Waging a Revolution for Environmental Regeneration

Earth has survived numerous climate-change cycles in the past. However, the rise in the average global temperature has hampered the planet’s ability to heal itself. With regeneration as one of the vital factors in climate change solutions, several companies are stepping up for the planet’s renewal.

  • Opower, formerly known as Positive Energy, is an engaging, informational and empowering tool for customers to use to make smarter decisions on how to use energy. By changing the consumer’s relationship with energy, OPower aims to make energy conservation a personal crusade and motivate users to conserve energy. By reducing consumers’ energy consumption and lowering carbon emissions, we can let the environment catch up and heal.
  • 4ocean makes it to the roster of companies saving the environment. Every year, 8 million metric tons of plastics enter our seas. This fact is on top of the estimated 150 million metric tons already in the marine environment. By recycling plastic, 4Ocean aims to cut down the amount of plastic that enters the ocean by 50 percent within a decade.
  • BioHiTech Global is a technology and services company offering climate change solutions through cost-effective and sustainable on-site food waste disposal system. In the U.S. alone, 150,000 tons of food is wasted every day. Hauling and transporting this massive amount of waste can be costly—not to mention the toll it can exert on the environment. Through BioHiTech’s Digester Technology, businesses can have access to efficient on-site food waste disposal, while saving costs on waste transport and unlocking an alternative energy resource.
a photo of the company logos of the bold companies saving the environment with their climate change solutions
These are just some notable companies saving the environment with their bold climate change solutions.

Other Bold Companies Saving the Environment With Climate Change Solutions

  • Climeworks is a Swiss startup company that pulls carbon dioxide out of the air. With a vision of extracting 1 percent of the total global carbon emissions by the year 2025, Climeworks believe that they have the technology to stop and reverse climate change. By developing a commercial carbon-removal technology, Climeworks hopes to increase the number of companies saving the environment.
  • Global Thermostat’s transformative technology marries profitability and sustainability. The technology is modular, flexible and scalable—making it easy to incorporate the technology with existing systems. Moreover, the captured carbon dioxide is converted into a variety of uses and products. Global Thermostat’s partnership in various markets has been crucial in closing the global carbon cycle.
  • Vecor is a green technology company that converts fly ash into high-value and reliable building material. Fly ash is a byproduct of burning pulverized coal in electric generation power plants. Through Vecor’s Systema Leonardo, the company presents climate change solutions that address excessive mining of raw materials and that eliminate dumping of fly ash wastes in waterways and landfills, while opening a new revenue stream for the market.
a photo quote of Andrew Winston in relation to the discussion of climate change solutions and companies saving the environment
Andrew Winston expresses the urgent need for companies to incorporate environmental sustainability in their programs.

All Hands On Deck! More Climate Change Solutions Are Underway

In truth, climate change is a threat not just to humans, but also to all life forms of the planet. We can use all the help we can get to reverse an impending environmental crisis. Thankfully, the world is seeing an all-hands-on-deck moment.

Legislators are implementing long-term and legally-binding policies. Businesses are earnest in developing sustainability programs. Groups and organizations are building climate change solutions with substantial impact. With more climate change solutions underway, we have more reasons to stay optimistic.

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