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DECO Inc. and Its Bold Impact Across the World

a photo of a soldier pointing a rifle towards something in the distance as he trains under the leaders of DECO Inc.

There are numerous companies that have extensive global operations. However, there are only a few that operate under the radar and actually achieve tremendous impact on those they serve. One of these companies is DECO Inc.—a global provider of military law enforcement, training, technical services, and security solutions. It services governments throughout the world, helping protect highly valuable government officials and assets. For more than 30 years, the company has been in business. And with new leaders at the helm, DECO Inc. is now only even more poised than ever to widen its bold impact to its global clients.

The Unique Discipline Provided by DECO Inc.

DECO Inc. helps train security and military personnel to function in highly stressful and challenging environments. The company develops personnel to excellently perform in complex situations that demand quick decision-making skills, strict accountability, awareness, and specialized knowledge and abilities.

The company offers three streams of services to its clients. The first is training, which includes border security, counterterrorism, maritime operations, cyber forensics, military law enforcement, tactical training, and crisis response, among others. Secondly, DECO Inc. offers technical services like operations management and support, intelligence analysis, and federal protection. Finally, DECO Inc. provides security services for aviation, maritime entities, and event security.

In addition, DECO Inc. also offers customized training and solutions to various U.S. government entities—which include the departments of Defense and State, and the Department of Homeland Security.

Because of its top-notch, all-encompassing security and military training services, DECO Inc. has expanded its operations to over 75 countries, with more than 2,000 professionals working together. They work in every type of environment, in every corner of the world.

two photos of two groups of soldiers with their rifles up during a training session with DECO Inc.
DECO Inc. helps train security and military personnel to function in highly stressful and challenging environments.

New DECO Inc. Management Led by Derek J. Dorr

At the start of 2018, DECO Inc. announced that CEO Derek J. Dorr had acquired the shares of the company’s Founder and Chairman, Robert A. Dorr. Derek has been CEO and co-owner of the company since 1998. Now as the company’s chairman, he is celebrating more than two decades with the company.

“With DECO’s recent contract wins we have secured healthy, continued growth for the coming years which stands to exceed all projections,” says Derek. Aside from its headquarters in Minnesota, it also has regional offices in Virginia.

Following Derek’s appointment as chairman, top management is also getting some restructuring. Former President of DECO Inc. Jeff Gibson has been appointed as chief executive officer. He has been part of DECO Inc. since 2009—and he was, in fact, a crucial figure in facilitating the company’s growth and reputation in the industry.

Lastly, DECO Inc. has a newly appointed Chief Financial Officer Alexander Monroe, who only recently joined the company in 2017. He brings more than 15 years’ experience in corporate finance and investment banking in many Fortune 100 companies.

“My leadership team is poised to effect sustained growth in the near and long-term,” noted Derek. “With renewed market optimism fueled by increased defense spending, tax reform, and a shift back to best value contract evaluations, DECO is in an optimal market position for continued success.”

a photo quote of Derek J. Dorr, the newly appointed chairman of DECO Inc.
DECO Inc. Chairman, Derek J. Dorr weighs in on his leadership team and the company’s future

Military Law Enforcement and the Foundation of Security

While understandably not a household name, DECO Inc. provides unparalleled services that government agencies and other companies can attest to. DECO is the standard in military law enforcement, military training, security and safety in the United States—and the rest of the world.

In a nutshell, DECO Inc. brings immeasurable assurance that key government figures, and the public, are kept safe and protected from any kind of adversities. That is DECO’s bold impact.

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