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Eight Innovative Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

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In any given year, innovative entrepreneurs introduce some amazing ideas and concepts in the business world. And for 2021, this was certainly the case, with a number of businessmen and businesswomen pursuing their passions through their own companies. As a result, their entrepreneurial achievements have been well recognized. Their ideas covered the gamut, ranging from human resources software to the latest in CBD offerings. It almost seems like the pandemic served as a catalyst for some of the most interesting concepts to date. With this in mind, the following provides a list of some of the most successful entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.

  • Sarah Hawley, CEO and founder, Growmotely

With a background in workforce staffing, it’s perhaps not surprising that Hawley is doing well these days. But her real talents among innovative entrepreneurs involved anticipating the boom of workers preferring remote work even before the pandemic. Without question, COVID-19 accelerated this the work-from-home trend. (Read more about the trend in this story breaking down Bold Business’ survey on the topic!) But Hawley’s foresight in launching Growmotely placed her in the perfect position to excel. Her reliable remote-hiring software has earned her a place among this year’s most successful entrepreneurs.

“I’ve known since just a few months into the pandemic that (largely) we wouldn’t be going back to the office. It’s clear now, and it’s far and away being driven by individuals. The companies who focus on attracting aligned people, and embracing a culture of trust and empowerment through remote work are the ones who’ll come out ahead… This is a unique opportunity during our lifetime to redefine the relationship with work into something positive and integrated.” – Sarah Hawley

  • Yousef Abuzuaiter, CEO and founder, OhFresh Brands

Increasingly, individuals all over the world are recognizing a need for healthier and more nutritious foods. Obesity and its complications remain major health concerns in many societies. And these conditions increased the risk of COVID-19 complications as well. Understanding this, some innovative entrepreneurs are tackling the issue from a business perspective. Abuzuaiter and his brother thus founded OhFresh Brands, a healthy beverage and snack manufacturer, importer, and distributor. Their goal is to eliminate scarcity of healthy foods in all communities. Their vision and ability to scale thus far is what makes Yousef and his brother some of the most successful entrepreneurs today.

  • Rhonda Swan, CEO and founder, Unstoppable Branding Agency

To be one of the most successful entrepreneurs, it doesn’t hurt to have a decade of unique experience. Swan has just that, with over 10 years as a PR and marketing specialist for Fortune 100 companies. Leveraging her knowledge and skills prompted her to found Unstoppable Branding Agency, where she shares her expertise with clients. And those clients now include CEOs, authors, world-renowned speakers, and of course other innovative entrepreneurs. By any account, the success of her company has been quite impressive in its popularity and attention.

  • Greg McKee, CEO, Tryp Therapeutics

This past year, a number of companies have begun exploring the therapeutic benefits of psychedelic compounds. The use of psilocybin, or magic mushrooms, has even got the attention of the NIH and major universities as of late. In this regard, McKee and his company, Tryp Therapeutics, are on the cutting edge of this industry. Not only has McKee been one of the most successful entrepreneurs leading other biotech firms. But now, he anticipates adding to his resume through psychedelic pharmaceuticals. In addition, McKee is showing why he’s one of the most innovative entrepreneurs today with his use of smart digital therapeutics. His company is combining smart technologies with psychedelics in hopes of optimizing its success.

  • Mark Leong, CEO and co-founder, Farmz Asia

Not only is Leong a well-recognized microbiologist and international food and nutritional guru. He is also one of the most innovative entrepreneurs around. Leong’s vision is to help empower others through food safety and nutritional guidance. In the process, he plans to support those specifically who are suffering from conditions like obesity, cancer, and diabetes. Though only launched five years prior, Farmz Asia is already a multi-million-dollar organization in Asia. His Revival Method represents a 23-day program to help anyone turn their life around. His vision and strides made this year is why he’s listed among this year’s most successful entrepreneurs.

  • Ingrid Arna, CEO and founder, Ingrid Arna Co.

Arna decided to leave her corporate job in New York to launch her own company that seeks to empower women. Her skills as one of the most successful entrepreneurs since centers on her expertise as an online brand strategist. Using these talents, she helps other women earn seven-figure salaries through effective online business techniques. And her company’s growth shows how her ideas place her among the most innovative entrepreneurs. In fact, her coaching expertise has now resulted in a multi-million-dollar operation.

  • Chad Agate, Chief Technology Officer, Namaste Technologies

If you’ve not heard of Agate, he has been noted among the most successful entrepreneurs in Canada. He essentially revamped the CBD and hemp markets in the country, and he is expanding that with Namaste Technologies. As CTO of the company, he leverages his vast knowledge and leadership experience with past technical teams at Namaste. The company is also branching out to not only provide quality hemp and CBD products but also education and expertise. In essence, he helps others make wise choices about the products they cultivate and how they approach it. He is among a group of innovative entrepreneurs leading the way in this area.

“I love the passion of building teams and harnessing the ability of individuals to come together and identify innovative solutions for unmet needs while making a meaningful social impact in our world.  We have launched Spinach Pay, a fintech company focused on building innovative solutions in payment processing, to go after what we believe will be a large and growing payments market around U.S. cannabis.”

  • Sarah Beyahte Sandnes, Co-founder and CTO, SafetyWing

Even before the pandemic, Internet connectivity and travel options created a boom in digital nomads. But for some, such as those involved in freelancing, it became difficult to secure benefits without significant costs and hassles. Enter Sarah Beyahte Sanders, one of the most innovative entrepreneurs with a background in software engineering. She launched SafetyWing in 2018, which is a company offering global insurance products to digital nomads and remote workers. With the subsequent pandemic and shift in work settings, SafetyWing has done remarkably well. In fact, the company is completely disrupting the insurance industry and causing competitors to rethink their strategies. Given her company’s potential in the coming years, she too is recognized as one of the most successful entrepreneurs of 2021.


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