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NASA Develops Inflatable Lunar Greenhouse

NASA's lunar greenhouse - growing food in space

NASA has created an inflatable hydroponic lunar greenhouse chamber, which is going to help astronauts prepare for their life on other planets like Mars. The organization has worked with the University of Arizona researchers in order to design the inflatable greenhouse, commonly known as the Prototype Lunar/Mars Greenhouse. The project is a bold invention that will not just help astronauts sustain good nourishment but will potentially become a life support system.

Researchers believed that there are a lot of challenges for human exploration beyond Earth, but they are persuaded that inflatable greenhouse is a good solution. The inflatable greenhouse assists crop and plant production for air revitalization, water recycling, nutrition, and waste recycling. The project’s process is called bioregenerative life support system.

“The entire system does represent, in a small way, the biological systems that are here on Earth”

The approach utilizes plants in order to scrub carbon dioxide, while supplying oxygen and food. Gene Giacomelli, the Director of the Controlled Environment Agriculture Center at the University of Arizona, said that “We’re mimicking what the plants would have if they were on Earth and make use of these processes for life support.” He added “The entire system does represent, in a small way, the biological systems that are here on Earth.”

According to Real Clear, the scientists from the University of Arizona are probing the best types of seeds for plants to sprout on the space station. They are also discussing what materials should be taken along to make the system work on the moon or even Mars.

NASA Designs Inflatable Lunar Greenhouse

The carbon dioxide that will be exhaled by astronauts can be used by plants in order to photosynthesize and generate oxygen. The process will help astronauts create a life support system.

The inflatable greenhouse was said to cover 126 square feet and will maintain a vegetarian diet for astronauts living in on the moon or Mars. New York Post stated that humankind is a step closer towards putting astronauts on Mars and that it needs to be sure that they are well fed while they are there.

NASA was reported to have been experimenting a next generation breakfast bar that is going to provide enough calories and nutrition in order to keep astronauts going. Still, the Prototype Lunar/Mars Greenhouse project will guarantee a much safer approach when it comes to the astronauts’ health. It will provide a more autonomous approach to long-term exploration.

The future of the inflatable greenhouse is not yet determined but it already poses a great deal of success. Its bold move to enhance astronauts’ source of nourishment in space will be helpful for them to maintain a good health. With the creation of inflatable greenhouse, space exploration will already be made easier.

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