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The STEM Crisis is a Myth, Debunked by Robert Charette

The STEM Crisis is a Myth, Debunked by Robert Charette

STEM qualified workers from new graduates to mid-career professionals are not guaranteed employment despite messages from governments around the world that STEM graduates are desperately needed. Study shows that the STEM crisis is a myth.

IEEE Spectrum contributing editor, Robert Charette, boldly tackles misleading information surrounding whether there is a shortage in STEM workers in the US. By looking into what defines a STEM worker, whether they hold a certain academic level, how many there are in the US according to their qualifications, the author better informs the reader as to why the US government is funding more STEM programs and pushing for more STEM workers.

The author dives into studies from leading centers and universities to uncover more accurate details on whether there is a shortage in STEM workers. Historic salaries show they are needed and the author argues that government and corporate efforts for more STEM workers are an attempt to curtail this trend. The industry is also looking to STEM workers to provide the bold ideas that will propel society further forwards. Competition around the world confirms that the STEM fields offer innovation and technological advancements that can greatly boost impact on society.

By shedding light on a sometimes confusing topic, the author boldly tackles statements on STEM shortages that would otherwise be misleading.

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