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There is a significant gender discrepancy in the world of private equity and venture capital as men have been dominating the game for decades. In 2017, women accounted for just 7 percent of decision-making positions in venture capital firms. Nevertheless, women have been steadily breaking the glass ceiling, showing that female venture capitalists and many other female business leaders all over the world have just as much—if not more—substantial influence in the business and tech world.

As women inspire equality, diversity, and inclusion, the startup landscape is consequently changing and reflecting these principles even more. We list the Top 20 Female Venture Capitalists making an impact in the business world.

The Diverse List of Female Venture Capitalists Today

Bold Cheers for Female Venture Capitalists of Today

These female business leaders are leading a revolution—not just for female venture capitalists but also for women in other industries. They are women of power, making decisions that create tangible changes in their various industries. They are pioneers, setting trends across the globe and pushing technology, consumer products, education, healthcare, business software, and other innovations to the forefront.

Indeed, these women are contributing to the feminist movement for more diversity and inclusion in the VC world and all industries. These influential female venture capitalists are making bold impacts with lasting benefits in the world.

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