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Top Tech Startups Spur Future of Indonesia

Jakarta Skyline

Startup Ranking has ranked the United States as the number one country that produces successful startup companies, followed by India, and Indonesia. This ranking is proof that Indonesia has real potential for startups.

Following are some of the top Indonesian tech startups from traveling services to gaming services.

ADVERTISINGlogos of Indonesian companies

SociaBuzz – The company, located in Jakarta, is an influencer marketing platform. SociaBuzz connects advertisers, agencies, businesses, and brands with different influencers. The marketing platform was established in March 2012 and is headed by Rade Tampubolon.

Flock – Founded in 2016, Flock focuses on combining the below-the-line and above-the-line creative marketing and advertising services. This includes the process of creating video content and influencer strategies. The company is located in Jakarta, where Ivan Hady Wibowo is the CEO and Founder. Recently, it was announced that they closed a round of seed funding from East Ventures, a local venture capital firm.


HaloDoc – This startup company is a platform for healthcare networks. HaloDoc is a mobile-based application that lets users talk and connect with doctors for health tips. Created in 2016, the company is located in Kuningan, Jakarta Raya. Headed by co-founder and CEO Jonathan Sudharta, HaloDoc has an estimated annual revenue of $1 million.

Alodokter – Alodokter is the number one health company in Indonesia. The company is an online health information portal that provides articles with topics like disease, family wellness, health guidance, and treatment. Nathanael Faibis is the CEO of the company, which was founded in 2014 in Kuningan, Jakarta Raya. Some of its investors include Fenox Venture Capital, 500 Startups, and Golden Gate Ventures.


Kumparan – Created in 2016, Kumparan is a startup online news portal that lets people create articles and videos. The company is located in South Jakarta, where Hugo Diba is the CEO. The core driver of Kumparan is a social media technology.

Kurio – Kurio is a mobile-based startup news application that lets people explore, discover, and read different types of content on the news. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to gather and spread information from around the world. Kurio is located in Jakarta, where David Wayne Ika is the CEO. It has a total disclosed funding of $5 million.

DELIVERY/LOGISTICSLogos of Indonesian businesses

HappyFresh – The startup company originated in Indonesia but has offices in Malaysia and Thailand. Their mobile and web-based application lets people shop for grocery products from different supermarkets in their vicinity. Led by CEO Markus Bihler, HappyFresh was established in 2014 and is located in Cilandak, Jakarta Raya. They have a projected annual revenue of $1.5 million, with Sinar Mas, Vertex Ventures, and Samena Capital as some of its investors.

Dusdusan – The company is an online service that sells household products and also serves as a reseller. Aside from selling quality items, Dusdusan also provides promotions and discounts for their customers. Christian Kustedi is the CEO and co-founder of the company.


Traveloka – The company is an international flight search engine that originated in Indonesia. It lets customers choose and book their travel locations, covering international and mostly domestic routes and airlines. As of July 2017, the company co-founded by CEO Ferry Unardi is believed to have funding of $350 million.

GO-JEK – Founded in 2010, the startup company focuses on hyperlocal transport, payments, and logistics. GO-JEK is the very first startup company in Jakarta to be categorized as a transport system, and is currently the fastest transport and courier service in Indonesia. Led by CEO Nadiem Makarim, the company has an estimated annual revenue of $5.8 million.


Amartha – Classified as a Consumer Lending service, Amartha is a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending marketplace that has the ability to connect investors and borrowers who are seeking affordable working capital. This financial technology company was founded in 201o in South Jakarta by CEO Andi Taufan Garuda Putra. Some of Amartha’s investors include Beenext, Lynx Asia Partners, and Mandiri Capital Indonesia.

Investree – The Jakarta-based P2P lending marketplace service wants to match people who want to borrow money and people who want to invest money. Co-founded by CEO Adrian Gunadi in 2015, Investree gets most of its funding from their primary investor Kejora.

GAMINGA number of logos of Indonesian businesses

TouchTen Games – TouchTen is a mobile game company in Indonesia that teams up with different firms in creating mobile games. The startup was established in 2009 and since then, its games have been downloaded by people from around the world. Headed by CEO Anton Soeharyo, TouchTen Games has a projected annual revenue of $4.9 million. CyberAgent Ventures, 500 Startups, and GREE are some of its investors.


Urbanhire – The company aims to make the process of hiring effective and simple. Urbanhire has a smart job search feature that can find all the job posts that are available in the local marketplace. Benson Kawengian is the founder and CEO of the company. Founded in 2016, Urbanhire now has an estimated annual revenue of $1 million, with Social Capital, Convergence Ventures, and 500 Startups as some of its investors.

Sribu – Sribu is an online platform that caters to clients who are looking for graphic designers. The crowdsourcing startup was founded in 2011 and is located in Jakarta. Headed by CEO Ryan Gondokusumo, Sribu has a projected annual revenue of $4.5 million. East Ventures and Infoteria Corporation are some of its investors.


Ruangguru – It is an online education technology platform created in Indonesia and lead by CEO Adamas Belva Syah Devara. Ruangguru connects students to the right teacher candidates, so students can study after school. The learning app has content available for many levels, including elementary, junior, and senior high school. The company, with a projected annual revenue of $1.5 million, has investments from Venturra Capital, East Ventures, and GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator Innovation Fund.

HarukaEdu – Haruka Edukasi Utama, more commonly known as HarukaEdu, is a startup company that offers turn-key solutions like online tutoring. The company, led by Novistiar Rustandi, produces quality online education. With an estimated annual revenue of $1.2 million, some of the company’s investors include CyberAgent Ventures and Pearson Affordable Learning Fund.

MARKETPLACETwo retail Indonesian Tech Firms

Matahari Mall – The company, headed by CEO Hadi Wenas, is an e-commerce platform in Indonesia that offers beauty, fashion, health, homes, electronics, and many other services. Founded in 2014 and located in Jakarta, Matahari Mall has recently raised $16 million from one of its investors, Lippo Group.

Tokopedia – Tokopedia is an online marketplace startup company that lets people and business owners have and maintain their shops for free. The online marketplace was created in 2009, and is currently led by CEO William Tanuwijaya. The company has a projected annual revenue of $11.6 million, and has investments from companies like SoftBank Corporation, Sequoia Capital, Alibaba Group Holding Limited.

Other companies which have already established their names in the scene of technology startups in Indonesia are eFishery and Qlue.

The startups in listed here are just some of the many aspiring ventures in Indonesia that could create a bold solution to improving its economy. One thing is for sure – Indonesia is filled with a lot of tech talent and entrepreneurial attitude. Despite technically being a still-developing country, they are no doubt prepared for the future.

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