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Knowify: At Forefront of Construction Industry Revolution

Man in construction uniform and hardhat surrounded by architecture renderings

The need to build secure shelter occurred when man decided to end his nomadic existence. Interestingly, craftsmen did construction in a simple way using materials that were readily available. Suffice it to say that complicated processes in construction did not exist then. However, Knowify is poised to revolutionize the way construction management is done.

As civilizations and societies grew, professional craftsmen such as carpenters and bricklayers came forward. Uniquely, they sourced readily available materials for the construction and became more organized. The structure and design also became more sophisticated.

In 2015, the value of the global construction industry was $8.5 trillion. It is, however, expected to grow to $11.4 trillion in 2020. In the US, construction is a major contributor to the economy. The industry has over one million employers, 6 million employees, and creates $1 trillion worth of structures every year.

However, according to Knowify Co-Founder Daniel de Roulet, “The bold idea is that construction is still stuck with old processes – it’s a trillion-dollar industry that shockingly is still using Microsoft Excel as the beating heart of its businesses.”

Urbanization presents bright prospects for the construction industry. Studies say that by 2050, two out of three people will live in the cities. However, with such tremendous growth and potential, it is quite baffling that this trillion-dollar industry is far-behind in the digital transformation race.

What Knowify knows

Knowify realizes the need for an innovative collaboration tool that will help contracting business in managing their projects. A cloud-based application, Knowify allows its users to create a budget for projects, send out proposals and bids to prospective clients, track actual costs versus the budget, monitor each phase of the project against their timeline and send invoices to clients – all in one place.

Knowify knows what the business needs. Moreover, the software incorporated features that will allow detailed costing – labor, materials and even subcontractors; customize billing and invoice style; job scheduling; capture of employee check-in/check-out; purchasing of materials; reporting and PDF outputs and email alerts and notification. Co-founder Daniel de Roulet shared that Knowify would like to solve the very particular problems of commercial subcontractors and residential general contractors and construction. The software serves as a connection hub. Suppliers and vendors connect to contractors. Financing and sourcing partners can connect to them as well.

At the heart of contracting business

Knowify has helped more than 500 small and medium contracting businesses around the U.S. in streamlining their workflow. Andrew Ackerman, Managing Director of DreamIT Urbantech is thrilled with how Knowify can help the construction industry manage the administrative side of the business.

Steve Barsh, Managing Partner of Dreamit, shares his thoughts about Knowify: “What they’re doing is they’ve automated with a beautiful piece of software for subcontractors to easily manage bids, projects, and most importantly, larger projects. In addition, with clear-cut and effective functionalities paired with responsive customer support, Knowify is helping equip the construction industry to be future-ready.

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