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Nutrition Manufacturer PGE Tech is Providing an Innovative Green Alternative to Fertilizers

a photo of a scientist holing a plant that has been treated with the formula from the Nutrition Manufacturer PGE Tech

Fertilizers are crucial for the cost-effective production of commercial crops. They either help supply nutrients for plant growth or modify aeration and water retention in the soil to boost its quality. Global demand continues to increase, and it will likely rise by 1.4 percent per year. As a result, the market is bound to reach around $250 billion in 2020.  However, many chemical fertilizers are harmful to the environment. They can cause contamination and can even contribute to the greenhouse effect. This case has contributed to the increasing use of organic fertilizers. But in order to be effective, most organic fertilizers must be applied in high concentrations. An innovative alternative to both has been gaining traction in the farming space. PGE Tech Red from nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. feeds plants through ion bonding. The process effectively increases yield and improves soil quality. Additionally, the product has a less environmental impact, since it’s made from naturally occurring compounds.

a photo quote of Matthew Nigriny on the bold idea behind nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's innovative product
Matthew Nigriny shares the bold idea behind PGE Tech

How Fertilizers Can Harm the Environment

While fertilizers allow farmers to produce more crops, the damage they can cause is often long-term and cumulative. Soluble materials, like most chemical and some organic fertilizers, are prone to leaching. As water from rain, flooding or irrigation seeps into the ground, it can dissolve fertilizers and carry them into the underground water supply. If fertilizers contain harmful chemicals, leaching can lead to groundwater pollution.

Excessive nutrient loss is also a result of leaching. Over time, soil can become depleted. Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. wants to avoid such depletion.

Some fertilizers, especially those with high nitrogen content, can also lead to dead zones. These are areas in bodies of water with low oxygen levels. Nitrogen is among the nutrients that can encourage the growth of plankton and other aquatic plants to excessive amounts. Their decomposition eats up oxygen that other aquatic animals need to survive. As such, most bodies of water close to heavy agricultural runoff are devoid of marine life.

a photo of a "dead zone" or an area in a body of water with low oxygen levels, which is one harmful effect of using fertilizers, that is opposed to using nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's product
PGE Tech inc. helps solve the Impact of nitrogen content creating dead zones

An Innovative Alternative from Nutrition Manufacturer PGE Tech

PGE Tech Red provides nutrients for plant growth through ion bonding and electrochemical charges. It force-feeds plants at the cellular level. Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech designed it to penetrate cell walls, pulling plant vitamins and minerals into the cell. With this process, plants are nearly incapable of rejecting natural organic compound nutrition. Moreover, PGE Tech Red contains structured water, which consists of 74 elements and over 250 compounds in liquid form.  In one trial, the application of the treatment increased the number and size of marketable fruit by 5 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

a photo of plants treated with nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's product beside smaller plants that were not treated with the product
PGE Tech Red creates an amazing difference in plants that are the same age

The formula also helps enlarge roots systems. These roots help hold moisture and soil together. Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech developed such capability in consideration to areas prone to erosion. Additionally, PGE Tech Red contains liquid garlic and liquid cayenne. Both work well as natural pesticides.  

One notable advantage offered by nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech is the improvement of soil health. As mentioned, most fertilizers available in the market can cause soil depletion. On the other hand, PGE Tech Red readily attaches to the soil due to the ion bonding process. Soil particles absorb nutrients for plant growth left from the application overspray. Moreover, the formula leaves no excess salts which can cause nutrients in the soil to leach out. And because nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech developed it with natural organic compounds instead of chemicals, it doesn’t pollute bodies of water.

a photo of plant growers showing their successful farming yields from using nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's product or formula
Nutrition Manufacturer PGE Tech’s flagship product demonstrates how agriculture can return to the efficient simplicity of natural solutions.

Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech veers away from the N-P-K fertilizer theory, which puts importance on levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Most fertilizers with high N-P-K levels cause salt build-ups in the soil. Leaching also takes place. Eventually, the soil can reach a saturation point where it becomes useless without heavy doses of fertilizer. Because of its unique process, PGE Tech Red can provide nutrients for plant growth in balanced levels. The nutrition manufacturer focuses on nourishing the plant itself, rather than the soil. Its N-P-K amounts are so low that they’re barely measurable.

Growing Relationships Through Great Service (While Providing Nutrients for Plant Growth!)

Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. takes substantial measures to ensure quality. The company’s products have obtained certification from Montana Technical Research Labs. Midwest Research has also performed extensive laboratory testing on PGE Tech Red over a 2-year period. Researchers in the University of New Mexico have also conducted trials.

Aside from formal validations, satisfied customers have attested to the effectiveness of the PGE Tech Red.

cartoon of a farmer high-fiving a stalk of corn while other kinds of vegetables surround them in the midst of a sunrise
The results of the innovative solution that nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech offers have impressed many so far.

Court Hamilton, director of Beach Drive Retail Inc., used the formula for a grapefruit tree. Instead of spraying the product monthly as instructed, he did it only twice in a 1-year period. Still, the tree became healthier. “I believe the product, PGE Tech, can be very helpful to [the] agricultural community,” he wrote in a letter to nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech. “Having nothing to lose, I gave it a try and [got] pleasantly surprised by the outcome… Even though this was not a scientific experiment, I would bet the results would be positive if PGE Tech were tested.”

a photo quote of Chuck Eade on the effectiveness of nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's innovative product
Chuck Eade shares his satisfaction with the service provided by nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech

Furthermore, nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. goes the extra mile when it comes to customer service. Chuck Eade, former general manager of Heritage Pines Country Club, asked for the company’s help to re-grass a golf course. PGE Tech Red helped the grass grow in just six weeks. Even with the volume of golfers walking and playing, the turf coverage remained full. Eade expressed satisfaction with the service provided by nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech. “But more than that, it is the people that work for the company that make it so great to deal with and we appreciate all of their help, knowledge, and support,” he said. “Working with PGE Tech has been a rewarding experience. They have been very committed to the success of our project to re-grass this golf course to the standards we and our members expect.”

Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. caters to growers of horticulture, agriculture, hops and barley. Cultivators of cannabis crops have also used PGE Tech Red. Cannabis plants treated with the formula grew taller and healthier in a shorter span of time. They also had higher yields and larger buds.

a photo of Lance Taylor, who is 6-foot-9, standing beside one of his tall hemps treated with nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech's product in Colorado
Lance Taylor, who is 6-foot-9, stands beside one of his tall hemp treated with PGE Tech Red in Colorado

The Need for More Fertilizer and Pesticide Alternatives

The world has developed great awareness on the negative effects of traditional chemical fertilizers and pesticides. After all, the majority of such products contain nitrogen, which is a greenhouse gas 300 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Thus, research and development initiatives for alternatives continue to increase. In fact, one startup even received $70 million in funding in a round led by Breakthrough Ventures.  Among the board members and investors of the firm are Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Michael Bloomberg, and Richard Branson.

Nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech Inc. is among the companies working towards long-term sustainable farming.

Its flagship product demonstrates how agriculture can return to the efficient simplicity of natural solutions. Moreover, nutrition manufacturer PGE Tech proves it’s possible to gain profits from increased yields while prioritizing the welfare of the environment.

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