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Like a lot of other smart city concepts, Oslo Airport City (OAC) is a bold move which will provide Norway a testing ground for smart city concepts and autonomous systems. The whole project will be located beside the Oslo Airport Gardermoen located about 45 kilometers from the Oslo City Center.

Sustainable and Green Airport

In the grander scheme of things, one of main aims of the project is to be the “first energy positive airport city” with the use of renewable energy sources able to service not only the various buildings and infrastructure but also the autonomous electric vehicles running on the streets.

Any surplus energy will also be sold to surrounding communities and cities. This is of particular significance since Norway is one of the leading exporters of oil. However, their oil income is placed in a trust fund which will help the country after the oil reserves have run out.

The project will be spread over a 988 acre area with the total development covering about 11 million square feet. The development is under the lead of Haptic Architects and the Nordic Office of Architecture.

The OAC will be a city complete with residential, commercial and office buildings, including space for cargo and logistics. Amenities will include hotels, cultural centers, sports and swimming arenas, parks and other recreation areas. Besides the business facilities for meetings and events, there are also other planned spaces for rock climbing, cycling, and parachute rides. There will be a train terminal servicing the traffic to and from the airport. Besides the driverless cars, other smart city features will be auto-lighting, mobility solutions, waste and disposal management and security measures.

Admittedly, the target residents of the OAC will be the airport employees. To service their transportation needs, there will be shuttle or other transport vehicles within a short wait of five minutes. The planned community is expected to have a population of 22,000 and will have room to grow to 40,000 by 2050.

The new smart city development and construction will start in 2019-2020, and is planned to be built over a period of 30 years. The fleet of autonomous electric vehicles will start operations by 2025.

Best Airport in the World

The Oslo Airport is already considered as the best airport in the world, and the OAC will not disappoint in its aims. The city center will be car-free, because there will be no need for vehicles in the walkable areas. There will also be a cycling route, and transportation will be nearby and easily accessible. It will only use the renewable energy it produces, which would in turn necessitate the overproduction of power from renewable sources, just in case.

The Nordic Office of Architecture is an Oslo-based firm with offices in London and Copenhagen. It designed the original Oslo Airport during the 1990s, as well as delivering the curving extension in 2017. This doubled the airport size and increased the capacity to 35 million passengers per year. It is also currently working on a new six-runway airport in Istanbul, Turkey which when completed in 2020 will be the largest airport in the world. This kind of airport will not only be a welcome development for travellers passing through Oslo, but a step forward in the right direction when it comes to urban development.


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