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Security Shield Products: Answering the Call to Action for Preventing School Shootings

Bullet-resistant glazing can protect schools

A school shooter, rampaging through halls previously considered safe. It’s the nightmare of parents and school children alike. But while there are arguments to be made in regards to legal- and mental health issues, one thing is indisputable: some innovation could really help.

Glass windows and doors might give the impression of security, the fact of the matter is, glass is the most vulnerable point of entry for intruders. In most scenarios, it will shatter into debris, making it all too easy for armed threats to make an unwarranted entry. Fortunately, some companies have responded to the call to action for a security shield—particularly, more secure and impenetrable glass windows and doors. In turn, schools, retailers, offices and other buildings susceptible to threats can effectively stop intruders at the first point of entry. Such a security shield can help prevent school shootings. Thankfully, bold companies are redefining the market.

Preventing school shootings with bullet-resistant glazing
Bullet-resistant glazing can help make glass almost impenetrable.

Bold Strides Against Unwarranted Entry and To Prevent School Shootings

With school shootings and acts of terror suddenly recurring news headlines, anti-intrusion systems have progressed immensely in recent years. From safety and security shields to ballistic retrofit glazing treatments, several brands have made strides to better protect building occupants. More importantly, they can act as a deterrent, preventing school shootings via science.

Industry giant 3M is perhaps the largest producer of security shield products, with window film and tint offerings. The company even offers a security shield product designed for schools, with solutions that are made to hold broken glass together. Thus, they hinder anyone trying to break and enter through a compromised door or window.

CJ Buffer, another window film manufacturer, offers bullet-resistant security shield film and installation. In addition to providing protection from burglars, break-ins and shootings, CJ Buffer’s window films also mutes hazards from earthquakes, weather and storms. Similarly, Security FilmTek offers comparable security shield product solutions that deliver bullet-resistant capabilities in a standard window film treatment.

Bullet-resistant glazing is a component of a security shield.
Companies like 3M, DefenseLite, FilmTek and CJ Buffer have been using innovation to prevent school shootings.

DefenseLite and BulletShield

DefenseLite’s bullet-resistant or bulletproof product line is an advanced retrofit safety glazing solution, with its BulletShield providing a security shield to better protect schools, storefronts, and other buildings.

Considered the “Body Armor for Windows,” BulletShield is a polycarbonate shield glazing solution. It provides a bullet-resistant security shield for glass windows and doors. Its security shield is engineered to protect building occupants from ballistic threats. In addition, it provides a transparent design that doesn’t obstruct views to the outdoors. It minimizes armed attacks—thus helping  to prevent school shootings and save lives.

Though used by courthouses and corporate offices, DefenseLite gives discounted programs to campuses and schools. These programs are part of a focused effort to help make schools safer.

Preventing school shootings via science
No one can argue against the need for a greater security shield around schools.

The Call to Prevent School Shootings

Thankfully, some bold brands have pioneered bullet-resistant and anti-intrusion security shield solutions. These eliminate the need for unsightly metal gates and expensive roll-down grills. Unfortunately, not all security shield solutions are created equal. But, they can work together in preventing unwarranted entry and armed threats. Their pursuits collectively help prevent school shootings in the process, thereby helping to save more lives.

From these bold companies’ impressive security shield product lines to its community sentiment, there’s that they no doubt have delivered a new sense of empowerment against armed threats. In the long run, they have made bold steps toward significantly further prevent school shootings.

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