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This accolade is the result of a comprehensive analysis conducted by the Best Practice Institute, which surveyed over two million employees and 3,000 executives in 175 companies across four continents.

Winners came from across 21 countries and territories, with U.S.-based companies hailing from 20 different states. Bold Business is one of only four Florida-based companies to be given this award.

Of all the states, Florida has the fourth most companies on the list, coming behind California, New York and Pennsylvania. Three of those companies hailed from the Tampa Bay area.

A Happy Workplace
Means Happy Clients

Newsweek’s Global Most-Loved Workplaces list for 2024 highlights organizations that have successfully fostered a culture of love, respect, and appreciation for their employees. These companies have demonstrated exceptional commitment to creating positive work environments, prioritizing employee well-being, and encouraging professional growth.

Want to make your clients happy? Make your employees happy first!

The Five Ingredients to a
Most-Loved Workplace

At Bold Business, we understand that recognizing and fostering your work motivations is crucial to creating a fulfilling and productive workplace. We even published a story on the subject on our vertical Project Bold Life, and used the key work motivations laid out in it as a roadmap to our success.

Work Motivations


At Bold, we strive to
make the world a
better place.


Continuous learning and professional
development opportunities are at the core
of our values.


Teamwork makes the dream work.


As individuals, everyone brings their
own unique value to the team.


Our salaries are competitive and
reflect the hard work we do!

Work Motivations

 A Bold Promise to Our Clients

Our Bold Goal: To be the best services partner as rated by our clients

We do this by:

Providing the most motivated, engaged, passionate and AI-enhanced talent

Providing the best AI-assisted training

Providing the best management processes and implementations

Performing at the best levels of excellence and productivity

We strive to exceed your expectations so that you simply say “Bold is the Best!”

We’re rewriting the book on training.

We’re rewriting the book on how we manage processes.

We’re rewriting the book on excellence.

About Bold Business

Bold Business is a leading business process outsourcing and media company, dedicated to delivering innovative solutions and services to its clients. With a focus on excellence and customer satisfaction, Bold Business is committed to driving positive change and making a meaningful impact in the industry.