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A Game-changing Vegetarian Burger

Vegetarian burger made to look and taste like beef

Scientists have created a new vegetarian alternative to meat that has been developed at a molecular level to produce the exact taste, look, texture, smell and nutritional value of beef.

Experts from Impossible Foods have created the Impossible Burger by carefully selecting proteins, amino acids, fats and vitamins from plants. The founders say it’s a game changer for non-meat products.

Following five years of development, the creators found that by using wheat and potato proteins, coconut oil and key nutrients, along with a “magic ingredient” of Heme, the product inherits the exact and distinct attributes of beef.

By using only plant products, Impossible Foods claims it will dramatically “reduce the resources needed to feed the world’s population and free land for wildlife and biodiversity.”

The Impossible Burger has been hailed as one of the saviors of an impending food crisis and is extremely environmentally friendly.

Meat farming is estimated to produce around “15 percent of global anthropogenic greenhouse-gas emissions which contributes to global warming and uses 25 percent of global freshwater use.”

Animal agriculture is a leading contributor to losses of habitat for endangered wildlife and plants, whereas this product uses only about “a quarter of the water, 5 percent of the land, and contributes 13 percent of the greenhouse-gas emissions compared to a burger from cows.”

Founded in 2011 by Patrick O. Brown, M.D, formerly a professor at Stanford University, Impossible Foods received financial backing from the likes of Bill Gates, Google Ventures, and UBS, to name but a few.

Thanks, in part, to several stages of funding from some of the world’s most powerful individuals and organizations, the Impossible Burger is cropping up all over America. With restaurants opening in Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, Impossible Burger is set to make a bold impact on the food industry in the United States.

Not only is this bold idea animal and environmentally friendly, but is also going a long way in ensuring we eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

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