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Nine Billion and Counting – How Do We Feed The World?

Nine Billion and Counting

On a planet of 9 Billion People, 800 million are starving. How do we address a problem of such magnitude?  Especially when so much food is wasted on a daily basis!

One bold leader leads the charge — from farm to market to table, find and stop food waste. All along the food chain almost one-third of the food production, 2.9 million pounds per year is lost.

Tristram Stuart, author, and food recovery activist travels the world, from a citrus farm in Peru to high-end restaurants in New York and Paris to raise global awareness and fight food waste. Stuart promotes three simple yet bold measures to champion food recovery—salvage scrap, sell surplus, and eat ugly!

Frequently overlooked but adding to the high cost of food waste are the costs of the water and fuel used in farming, transportation, and storage. By employing the myriad of methods available to reduce food waste, we will have a bold impact to reduce or eliminate world hunger; we will be able to do it without destroying more land, contributing to the increasing world water shortage, or adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere.

Awareness of the magnitude of the problem is only the first step. Stopping food waste to feed millions, takes bold action—even doing something as simple as selecting Ugly Fruits and Vegetables Can Help Solve World Hunger.

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