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Bold Business is where business leaders come for exclusive content, videos, and graphics. We have the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people daily on their smartphones, tablets, and computers to engage them with your brand, which leads to valuable new customers.

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We Work with Top Brands, Startups, and Organizations, Building a Better World

Bold Business provides a platform to highlight innovative ideas, actions, bold leaders and their impact around the world. Our global audience encompasses CEOs, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, inventors, innovators, the intellectually curious and the socially aware who seek both compelling information and the potential for social impact. This provides you with numerous advertising and sponsorship opportunities to reach a business savvy, diverse and socially conscious audience.

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Imagine getting your product or service in front of our monthly readers! Present your brand’s message and value proposition in our branded content post or video. We also typically rank high for SEO, providing valuable additional support for your brand. Here are different ways to partner with us on branded content. We work with brands to understand exactly what they want to achieve: who they want to reach; the messages they want to communicate; and how they want the audience to respond.

We offer different types of branded content:

Supported by

“Supported by” is used to describe editorially independent Bold Business content that is supported by a client’s advertising spend and produced by Bold Business’s editorial department.

Dreamit urbantech conference
Sponsorship of Dreamit UrbanTech Summit

Created with

“Created with” is used to describe Bold Business content that has been created with funding from an advertiser and produced in conjunction with Bold’s editorial department. Advertisers may be involved in creating this content by placing their products into the content, collaborating on topics & themes before the content is produced or in select other ways. In all instances of “Created With” Bold Business has final say over the content and is not obligated to incorporate feedback from the advertiser.

Quirky and University of Tampa sponsoring the American Dreams Academy
Example of Quirky and University of Tampa Sponsoring American Dreams Academy

Sponsored Partner Content

The term “Partner Content” means it is paid for by an advertiser and the advertiser provides creative direction and feedback.

Social Advertising

We have international acumen at leveraging social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. We manage all creative aspects, production, campaigns, and optimization beyond what typical publications can provide. We are focused on aligning your target audience by developing content through our distinct voice and positive reporting.

Paid Performance Advertising

Do you want to acquire new customers on a paid performance basis? Similar to our brand solutions, we provide the platform, voice, audience and creative, along with the ability to scale campaigns quickly through a performance model. This is a great way to grow your customer base and build brand loyalty month over month. We also have the ability to create unique videos that further enhance the value of your brand.

Think like a customer, imagine how your customer would search for your business. PPC or Pay-Per-Click is the quickest way to be on the top spot of the search results. You are paying for that spot rather than waiting to rank organically. Therefore you get results fast. PPC has unique targeting facets used to zero-in on your ideal customer. Such as geographic locations, industry, job titles, gender, demographics, age, household income size or company size.

Why Advertise with Bold Business

Our content is exclusive, entertaining and designed to report differently than other news platforms for our readers to enjoy. We focus on positive reporting on the leading businesses across the world. In addition, our editorial department screens potential advertising partners. We have a review process, and our team often try out products themselves. It also comes down to authenticity. Our readers know we do not have to work with advertisers to make money.

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