Business Solutions


Strategy & Management Consulting

Brand strategy, channel strategy, go-to-market strategy, business process engineering…Where do you start? Start by calling our team of experts. We’ll help you build and execute the strategies that are right for your business.

Cybersecurity and Forensics

Is your network secure? Are you sure, or hopefull? With ever increasing network attacks, you need to know your network is secure and checked regularly. Our technical assessments, training, and white hat testing will help ensure your network is secure.

Back Office

In order to keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy, you need strong back office support. BOLD Business will keep you customers happy by providing back office support to supplement your sales and marketing, customer service, and accounting functions as well as back office support like digital transcription and claims processing.

IT Infrastructure

Does your IT infrastructure support your business’ growth plans, or is it draining your resources? Are network security issues keeping you up at night? Our team of IT and network experts can provide the services to help your business facilitate growth.

Web & Application Development

Today’s consumer is on-the-go. They expect everything to be readily available online and from the convenience of their smart phone. Is your business accessible to the present day consumer? BOLD will help you bridge the gap between grassroots marketing and today’s mobile society with services like website development, API integrations, and quality assurance.

Resource Management

Recruiting, hiring and training a workforce can be an expensive and time consuming task, especially if the need is temporary or seasonal. BOLD is here for you. We offer branded and white labeled professional services to help fill in the gaps. Do you need to train your team on new software? Corporate compliance? Do you have proprietary training needs? BOLD Business Nuggets offers a wide variety of microlearning courses to educate your team quickly and efficiently, so they can get back to what they do best.