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Network Forensics

Revealing The Digital Fingerprints

When a breach or data leak is suspected, or even employee malfeasance, it is time for a network forensics solution. Network forensics means monitoring and analyzing activities, detecting real-time threats, and exposing potential risks before they become full-blown cyber-attacks. Implementing network forensics is akin to dusting for digital fingerprints and installing a surveillance camerain your network.

Bold Business’ Network Forensics Solution will help boost and strengthen your network security.

Digital Fingerprints

Our teams of network forensic experts will:

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Set up data mining solutions to capture your entire network traffic for identification, analysis, and authentication

Map user activities within the network and plot indicators of suspicious behaviors

Develop and implement security measures in the event of security breaches

Detect, diagnose and isolate malware and virus intrusions

Reconstruct the details of an incident through a detailed and historical account of network activities

Cyber-aggressors will employ all available tactics, techniques, and procedures to gain access to your digital assets. With the scope and depth of damage cyber-attacks can inflict, businesses cannot afford to be just reactive. Allow us to help your business to hunt cyber threats proactively. With Bold Business Services Network Forensics Solutions, you are always a step ahead of the game.

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