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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Reinforce Your Security System

Penetration testing, a.k.a. “ethical hacking,” is a method of assessing the strength of your IT security systems. While a vulnerability assessment is aimed at identifying weak spots, the goal of penetration testing is to exploit the identified gaps in your IT Security Policy.​

Ultimately, performing penetration testing in conjunction with a vulnerability assessment will determine how effective your security infrastructure is in averting and deflecting cyber-attacks.

Penetration Testing Policy and Plan Development Method

Bold Business’ Penetration Testing conducts an in-depth assessment of your security structure using real life and ethical hacking methodologies. We tap the expertise and skills of ethical hackers to push the limits of your tools, software, hardware, operating systems, and infrastructure. Our penetration testing will uncover, exploit, and escalate vulnerabilities to test your company’s security posture.

Afterwards, we will issue a report outlining the findings, and provide suggestions and actionable items to remediate any security flaws or gaps.

Bold Business Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment Methods We Employ

Ensuring your cybersecurity strategies are up to date and at pace with the shifting technological landscape

Protecting your digital assets and safeguarding your customers' information

Keeping a safe network environment for your customers and stakeholders

Helping you avoid legal exposure and costly claims by meeting requirements of various compliance regulations


Security breach and cyber-attacks are damaging, and you can never be too careful when digital assets are at stake. Strengthen your security strategies by knowing how well your systems and network stand against cyberattacks.


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