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Wireless Security Testing

Secure Your Wireless Network

Wireless network connections offer ease of access and convenience for users. Unfortunately, they can be an easy target for malicious activities. Without reliable security measures, company information that is broadcasted in every direction from your wireless network’s access points runs the risk of being intercepted and exposed.

And once uncovered, those leaks are a potential entry point for intrusions. Therefore, knowing and understanding how data leakage occurs in your wireless network is a critical step in defending your IT security borders.

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Vulnerability Assessment Methods We Employ

Testing your wireless network for potential leakage requires planning and expertise. With Bold Business Wireless Security Testing Solutions, we are committed to helping you uncover and address your network’s vulnerabilities.

Our team will:

Define your networks current status and help outline the desired results

Review your existing architecture and test for unknown access points, weak encryption, and default router setups

Evaluate Wi-Fi access for guests, identify Bluetooth devices and other wireless technologies within the network

Exploit wireless network vulnerabilities and test the extent of access privileges obtained

Create a detailed report of the vulnerabilities and provide remediation suggestions to address the issues

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As wireless technology evolves, so too does the threat landscape. Meanwhile, regulatory bodies, industry alliances, and government agencies are setting standards for the use of wireless technology to protect consumer information.

Bold Business can maximize the benefits of wireless technology while helping you protect your digital assets.

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