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Adore Me: Disrupting the Female Apparel Space

adore me store, plans are underway for expansion

The retail and fashion world came to know Adore Me as one of the companies that disrupted the intimate wear industry. Upending incumbent player Victoria Secret, Adore Me came with the value proposition that “all bodies are equally beautiful and equality is a beautiful thing.” Operating with a modus operandi of equality and inclusivity, Adore Me empowers women to love who they are and celebrate their unique taste and style.

Seven years since its founding in 2012, Adore Me is poised for a new round of disruption – albeit, a disruption aimed at itself. From existing solely as an e-commerce business, Adore Me is aiming to open up to 300 more Adore Me stores in the next five years. To date, the company has already raised a total of $11.5 million funding. Continually reinventing itself and looking for new ideas to enhance the customer experience, Adore Me is, therefore, pouring investments on brick-and-mortar Adore Me stores.

Iris Voltaire talking lingerie
Adore Me has become a disrupter in the women’s apparel space.

From Virtual Shops to Brick-and-Mortar Adore Me Stores

Adore Me first ventured into the by-appointment showroom arena in 2016 when an Adore Me store opened in its New York City headquarters. Customers could schedule a fitting and order online through an iPad. In June 2018, the company opened its first permanent brick and mortar store in Staten Island Mall. As a flagship location, the first Adore Me store was designed to convey the brand’s message and identity. The lingerie brand partnered with StoreAdvise on IoT and RFID labels. Using state of the art technology, the Staten Island Mall Adore Me store has smart fitting rooms using radio frequency identification tag and fitting-room display screen. (Notably, by November 8 this year, Adore Me will open its sixth physical store.)

Iris Voltaire talking sustainability.
The cornerstone of every Adore Me store: sustainability.

Enhanced Customer Experience

A shifting retail landscape driven by an evolving shopping experience demands constant change of the businesses occupying the space. This is true of any slice of the retail sector, but it’s especially true for women’s apparel. To that end, Adore Me looks at using cross channels to boost sales and customer engagement. With this approach, customers can place orders online and pick the items in one of their brick-and-mortar stores.

In addition, the company has built its own technology-powered fulfillment centers. The shift from having a third-party logistics partner will help Adore Me ship faster at a lower cost and scale operation. Similarly, the company plans on leveraging on Amazon’s network by selling its product through the platform.

Adore me also aims to cater to more customers by expanding the offerings and product lines. Recently, the company acquired maternity brand, Belabumbum.

Adore Me store will rise to 300.
Adore Me is set on getting bigger in the next five years with more physical stores.

Crafting a Better Social Impact

Adore Me has become a force in the retail and fashion industry. While their customer service and wide array of products has done much to contribute to that, some of it is also their commitment to social causes that impact women and the LGBTQ+ community.

By highlighting values that resonate with customers, Adore Me promotes a different kind of engagement. Women and members of the LGBTQ+ community engage with the brand on a personal level. Adore Me, therefore, creates an ardent and loyal pool of customers. The company has a customer base comprised mainly of hyper-mobile urban millennials. It is not surprising that 80% of the company’s traffic comes from mobile channels.

Customer engagement. Sustainability. A wide range of products. Growth driven by demand. Add to this list the innovative use of data in marketingcustomer engagement, and omnichannel customer experience, and it’s clear Adore Me has proven to be a disrupter in the industry.

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