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Best of 2020: Society Rolls with the Punches

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Last year was one of tremendous change and growth. Amidst all the challenges and struggles, each of us has been forced to adapt and deal with the unexpected. But in the process, something amazing has happened. Nearly every sector of society has evolved in ways to have enhanced our lives in major ways. Without question, the coronavirus pandemic has been heartbreaking and difficult in so many ways. But we’d only be looking at the glass as help-empty if some of the positives weren’t also considered.

Major changes in society in 2020 took place as we were forced to embrace social distancing and quarantines. The come-to-me economy blossomed in the process with technologies providing many answers to our dilemmas. Healthcare, education, entertainment, and many other areas changed how services were provided and interactions experienced. And as a result, we have realized many additional conveniences that previously didn’t exist. At first glance, the year might be perceived as a complete loss with little to appreciate. But on closer examination, the changes in society in 2020 that occurred demonstrate our resilience and capacity to overcome.

“There will be interruptions, and I don’t know when they will occur, and I don’t how deep they will occur, I do know they will occur from time to time, and I also know that we’ll come out better on the other end.” – Warren Buffet, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

Educational Changes in Society in 2020

Education, especially at the collegiate level, was already having some difficulties before the year began. Student debt had reached $1.6 trillion, and a college degree did not provide the same level of guarantee as before. But with the pandemic, virtual learning opportunities were forced to advance. The majority of schools restricted or eliminated on-site learning favoring online classes. As a result, Blackboard, Moodle, and Sakai educational platforms became in greater demand. Likewise, EdTech companies like Pearson Education, Coursera, and others excelled. As the come-to-me economy matured, higher learning institutions and students alike realize the advantages. In fact, Harvard, Princeton and others are now developing their own in-house virtual learning platforms for the future.

Workplace Changes in Society in 2020

Within weeks of lockdowns, more than three-quarters of the workforce began working remotely from home. Surveys not long after showed nearly 90 percent wanted to continue this current arrangement. Videoconferencing platforms and tools enhanced remote work productivity. Likewise, businesses began to recognize the cost-savings in facility, real estate and other expenses they could enjoy. Remote work even expanded human resource access and promoted greater diversity. The come-to-me economy for remote work is now here to stay. And companies like Zoom, Time Doctor, Action Trak, and Microsoft Teams have seized a tremendous opportunity in the process.

Entertainment Changes in Society in 2020

With events shutting down along with concerts and movie theaters, society had to make a change. Fortunately, industries were well-prepared for such a shift. While drive-ins had their brief hoorah, streaming services expanded in scale and scope. Netflix, Amazon Prime, NBC Universal Peacock, and more all expanded their content and offerings. Likewise, Instagram Live, Twitch, and Facebook Live provided new platforms for streaming live events and music. These changes have been the most noticeable and entrenched aspects of the come-to-me economy this year. And many question whether in-person movie theaters will ever return.

Healthcare Changes in Society in 2020

Telehealth and telemedicine services were already being explored before 2020. But regulatory barriers, technology costs, and social acceptance posed notable barriers. That all changed with the pandemic and with society embracing a come-to-me economy. With safety and convenience paramount, routine healthcare services embraced virtual care platforms. Not only did this include routine checkups and healthcare monitoring, but it also involved remote surgery. Teladoc, a leader in telehealth saw a 203 percent YOY increase in visits. Likewise, numerous other companies like Mydecine Innovation Group and Corindus developed healthcare apps to facilitate virtual care. In the process, providers and patients alike finally realize the advantages these platforms offer.

Food and Dining Changes in Society in 2020

Like remote work from home, major changes in dining and food services were also easy to recognize. Food delivery services boomed as restaurants were forced to shut their doors during lockdowns. Likewise, grocery and retail deliveries grew exponentially as society distanced themselves from COVID exposure. UberEATS, Door Dash and Instacart were big winners as a result as the come-to-me economy accelerated. Now, additional companies are expanded food ordering, preparation, delivery and management further. Companies like SpotOn, BentoBox, Numa, and Virtual Kitchen are just a few startups in this area. These companies as well as some involved in food data analytics are completely changing how we’ll dine in the future.

Fitness Changes in Society in 2020

Not only did restaurants have to shut down for a period of time, but so did gyms and fitness centers. For companies like Peloton and Mirror, they were at the right place at the right time. But other fitness businesses adapted to the come-to-me economy well also. Many fitness centers like Orange Theory and Modo Yoga began posting online sessions. Instagram Live was a favorite platform for these types of companies. Other smaller boutique gyms and studios used ClassPass subscription app to shift into the virtual fitness arena. And in the process, society realized such platforms offers greater flexibility, better access, and cheaper costs.

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The Come-to-Me Economy is an immutable lifestyle evolution.

“Thanks to the Come-to-Me Economy and the opportunities it brings, people will be better, society will be better, and fortunes will be made.” – Ed Kopko, CEO, Bold Business, LLC

Making the Best Out of a Bad Year

In looking back at all the changes in society in 2020, it’s really quite amazing. Our ability to adapt and even excel amidst such profound challenges is a testament to our strength. The pandemic challenged us in many ways, but it became evident that some change was good. As we recognized the conveniences of this new economy, we rose to the challenge. And a number of businesses seized the opportunity to explore new territories and innovations. The year was tough but not all bad. In fact, the changes we pursued actually enhanced society in every way.


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