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Ghana BlockChain Land Registry: A Move To Eliminate Land Corruption

a photo of a map's view of Africa with the words "Blockchain Technologies Africa" written on it as the idea of a Ghana BlockChain land registry is an ongoing discussion

Ghana has long been held back by challenges with their governing system.  In an effort to embrace digitization and solve some of its problems, Ghana has recently established an interesting approach to solve land corruption. This approach particularly centers on the idea of a Ghana BlockChain land registry. In a nutshell, the country is implementing a blockchain solution from Bitland.

Ghana, the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to launch a cellular mobile network in 1992, has not capitalized on this forward-thinking approach. Corruption has long been an issue. In fact, the country was rated 135th out of 164 countries by Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. It is rated worse than Cuba, Panama and Iran.

In Focus: Ghana BlockChain Land Registry

Needless to say efforts to apply blockchain technology to land registry so that corrupt government activities can no longer alter ownership records and land surveys is a basic element to investment and societal harmony. If the idea on Ghana BlockChain land registry is successful, it will have a Bold Impact on Ghana and its population.

Bitland aims to provide services to allow individuals and organizations to survey land and record deeds onto the Bitshares Blockchain. It is a noble effort. Chief Security Officer for Bitland, Chris Bates in an interview with said, “This is working to help stamp out rampant corruption so that Ghana will be open to foreign investors that can feel secure about the oversight of the system that will ensure their return.”

Bold Business will be following this technology and its adoption further.

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