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Trump came to Washington to implement big change. Along the way, he has run into a few obstacles, notably the business as usual gang in the legislative branch and the permanent bureaucracy.

But, according to his daughter and special assistant, Ivanka, The Donald has bold ideas for America, that will modernize government and boost the economy. Following are just a few of these ideas, that we at Bold believe would make a difference.

Trump believes in accountability

Trump’s Bold Ideas

  • Trump wants to implement big across the board tax cuts, to jump start the economy. This includes a 15% top tax rate for corporations.
  • Along with rate reductions, Trump believes the tax system should be simplified so that it creates fewer market distortions and is easier for citizens and businesses to understand and comply with.
  • Trump supports Public Private Partnerships to revive and modernize our disastrous infrastructure.

    Trump gives thumbs up.
    Trump has bold ideas for America.
  • He pushed for the elimination of Dodd-Frank regulations.
  • Trump believes that immigration reform is crucial. In this vein he has issued more than one “Travel Ban” providing an extra layer of security clearance before people from some nations can enter the country.
  • He intends to build a wall between Mexico and the US, in order to enforce the border and control the flow of people and contraband. He also wants to reform the immigration system.
  • Trump said he would eliminate two regulations for every one proposed, and he has signed an Executive Order to do it.
  • Congress has repealed the Affordable Care Act, at Trump’s urging. It is still an open question what shape healthcare reform will ultimately take.
  • Trump believes in accountability, to that affect he has issued orders reforming the Veterans Administration, making it possible to fire non-performing employees.
  • No one supports Human Trafficking, and Trump has signed a bill to do something about it.
  • The EPA has gotten out of control. Trump has ordered the agency to reverse some decisions and to take action in modifying others.
  • Trump believes that concerns about climate change are a boondoggle that hampers economic growth. He ordered the EPA to eliminate all mentions of climate change and to support and prioritize the extraction of fossil fuels.

Trump has big plans and bold ideas. But, he is faced with huge hurdles and cultural inertia in the federal government. Time will tell if he can implement his plan and create the bold economic growth that America needs.

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