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Job-Seekers Beware – Bold Business’ Guide to Avoid Job Hiring Scams

don't fall for job hiring scams

Each year, millions of college graduates and job-seekers send out resumes, cover letters, and letters of inquiry to would-be employers. Though the job market has become tougher in 2023, many companies are still looking for qualified personnel. Without question, getting hired with the right company can be difficult. The required process of monitoring new listings, applying for a position, and hopefully then interviewing is time-consuming. But in today’s job market, these are not the only challenges. As it turns out, job hiring scams are on the rise, and it pays to know how best to avoid these potential pitfalls.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there has been a notable increase in fake hiring scams. In the first quarter of 2023, such scams increased 250%! More than 2,000 scams had already cost job-seekers nearly $850,000 in lost funds. Why the increase? There are several reasons including an increased number of applicants using online resources including remote video interviewing. But the solution is not boycotting online resources to help one find the ideal job. The best strategy in preventing job hiring scams is to be aware of what fake hiring scams look like. The following are therefore Bold Business’ recommendations to avoid such situations from the start.

Red Flags in Fake Hiring Scams

fake hiring scams can include a giant noose
Fake hiring scams are on the rise–protect yourself with knowledge of the real hiring process.

When it comes to job hiring scams, the primary goal is to steal something from the job-seeker. Most commonly, scammers request personal information from an applicant that they can then use for other fraudulent purposes. They also may directly ask a job-seeker for money for various reasons. This might be for application processing, equipment purchases, or other reasons. In any case, fake hiring scams go outside normal hiring channels in communicating with applicants. This may involve the use of personal non-business emails or instant messaging platforms that require user information inputs. They may also involve the use of uncommon video interviewing platforms. These are common behaviors when it comes to job hiring scams.

To highlight such behaviors, scammers recently took advantage of a young college graduate named Jenn presuming to be Bold Business. Interviews were conducted on an app named Wired instead of traditional platforms. They also sent a written offer as well as a contract and non-disclosure agreement to sign. Once the applicant accepted the offer, she then went through onboarding. It was then that she was told she would receive a check that she should deposit into her own account. Once done, she was to Zelle the money deposited to the company’s equipment person for a laptop and other equipment. Needless to say, the check eventually bounced, and $2,400 sent via Zelle from her own account wasn’t retrieved.

the defense against a Bold Business job hiring scams
Don’t fall for job hiring scams from scammers claiming to represent Bold Business–this is our hiring process.

Bold Business’ Hiring Process

One of the best ways to avoid job hiring scams is to know how a company pursues new hires. In this regard, Bold Business has a structured approach that should help potential job-seekers from getting into trouble. First and foremost, all of Bold Business’ employment efforts occurs through a single Careers Page pipeline. Any correspondence or communications outside of this Careers Page should be assumed to be fraudulent until proven otherwise. In addition, if any questions whether listings are fake hiring scams, applicants should contact Bold Business recruiting directly. All job postings can be confirmed immediately by contacting recruiting. Or they can be identified as being job hiring scams otherwise. These are some safeguards we have in place, which many other companies use as well.

In terms of the exact hiring process, applicants can post to a specific job on the Bold Business Careers Page. From there, recruiters will reach out to potential candidates through this page link. The next step then involves a skills test as well as an initial video interview. Should the hiring process continue, a department specific interview will be conducted followed by a third interview by upper management. If hired, onboarding then takes place that includes filling out paperwork, securing needed equipment, and arranging direct deposit payments. An official welcoming party then takes place celebrating your addition to the Bold Business team!

Actions for Victims of Job Hiring Scams

When it comes to fake hiring scams, some of the process may mimic actual job hiring activities. This is why knowing how a specific company goes about its hiring is helpful. Despite this, some job-seekers still become victims of job hiring scams, which can be tremendously depressing and frustrating. For those who fall prey to these scams, there are actions to be taken. The Internal Revenue Service provides instructions for those subject to employment related identity theft. The IRS link describes the specific steps to be taken. In addition, it may be worth reporting the fraudulent activity to your bank or credit card company. This may provide a remedy in reclaiming stolen funds if a money scam was involved. Naturally, the best strategy is to avoid job hiring scams from the start. This is why taking precautions in advance is so important when it comes to job-seeking today.

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