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Looking for the Fastest Growing Jobs? Here Are 7 of the Hottest Job Industries Right Now

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Over the last two years, the job market has changed a great deal. The pandemic placed tremendous strains on some industries, particularly that of healthcare. But others were also affected, such as those involving supply chains and remote communications. Over this same time period, several sectors saw major advances in technologies. This is particularly true manufacturing firms using robotics and companies invested in data analytics. This has resulted in tremendous opportunities for new careers. Understanding this, today’s fastest-growing jobs aren’t the same as the ones a few years ago. In fact, some of the hottest job industries right now didn’t even exist decades prior. With that in mind, here are 6 job sectors that will definitely be recruiting for the foreseeable future.

  • Healthcare Professions

Before COVID-19 ever struck, the U.S. was already experiencing a shortage of specific healthcare professionals. Nursing, mental health therapists, and other ancillary care professionals were in high demand. In the aftermath of the pandemic, this demand has only intensified. Many nurses are leaving the profession for retirement or to pursue other interests. Likewise, nurse practitioners are increasingly serving primary care needs in the country. With this in mind, nursing and nurse partitioner positions will be some of the fastest-growing jobs for some time to come. In fact, some estimate job growth will exceed 52%. Currently, traveling nurses as well as nurse practitioners are average over 6 figures in income. By all accounts, healthcare, and nursing specifically, is one of the hottest job industries right now.

  • Information Technology (IT) Fields

Technology fields and IT positions have been among the fastest-growing jobs for a while. This isn’t about to change. However, the specific positions within this sector that will be in high demand will reflect a changing landscape. As the world shifts to remote work, increasing numbers of coders will be needed for software and app development. Likewise, there is an increasing need for expertise in IoT solutions and skills as an AI architect. These areas can expect a 22% growth rate and 6-figure salaries while cybersecurity analyst positions will grow more than 30%. Thus, IT jobs will remain one of the hottest job industries right now and throughout the decade. (In case you missed it, Bold Business did a deep dive into the push for remote work over office work.)

  • Finance Management Positions

With the rise in fintech, financial management positions are also among the hottest job industries right now. Finance management gurus with both B.S. and M.B.A. degrees will have no trouble finding employment as a result. Over the next 10 years, these types of positions are expected to grow 15% and ensure qualified applicants of a median salary of $120,000. In addition, other finance industry positions are also becoming more prevalent. Specifically, finance consultants as well as blockchain engineers are being sought by some firms. Blockchain engineers tend to earn salaries exceeding $150,000 given the need for cryptocurrency mining. (What’s the recipe for a cryptocurrency mining town? Read this Bold story and find out!) Within the finance sector, this is likely to be one of the fastest growing jobs of the future.

  • Supply Chain Expertise

Supply chain problems have wreaked havoc for many months in the wake of the pandemic. Increased demand for some items early during COVID-19 overwhelmed just-in-time inventory management. Then, labor shortages and policy restrictions added insult to injury later. Because of this, one of the hottest job industries right now are those involving supply chain systems. Purchasing agents, logistics analysts, distribution managers, and systems analysts are among the fastest-growing jobs currently. Likewise, many firms are recruiting industrial engineers to improve system efficiencies. Each of these positions are earning high salaries with some only requiring a B.S. degree for entry positions. For those skilled in mathematics, stats, and engineering, this is a field that offers great opportunity for the immediate future.

  • Alternative Energy Systems

Over the course of the last year, alternative and renewable energy systems have gained momentum. Climate change pressures are driving the growth of these systems as countries strive to reduce carbon emissions. As a result, talent and expertise is desperately needed when it comes to the installation, design, repair and maintenance of these offerings. Naturally, those with advanced engineering degrees in these areas will have no trouble finding work. But likewise, other positions in this sector are also among the fastest-growing jobs currently. For example, solar photovoltaic installers and wind turbine service technicians are actively being recruited. These positions are seeing growth rates above 60% with some areas exceeding 100% increases. Particularly for technician fields, these are among the hottest job industries right now. And the greater the shift to renewable energy, the more in-demand such skills will be.

  • Data Management Fields

As you might have guessed, data management positions are one of the hottest job industries right now as well. The boom in Big Data, artificial intelligence, and the Internet-of-Things have all contributed. And while IT expertise is important for these areas, data management is as well. Data scientists are expected to see a 30% job growth rate as are information analysts. In addition, other data-related positions like actuarial and statistician jobs are also growing at an amazing rate. These are said to be increasing by 20% annually with salaries exceeding $100,000. Without question, automated systems will assist in data analytics and machine learning. But positions managing these systems and interpreting their results will continue to be among the fastest-growing jobs. Therefore, this is another area where the pursuit of knowledge and skills may be worthwhile.

  • Robotics and Automation Fields

With labor shortages on the rise, and increasing costs of wages, many firms have recently invested in robotics and automation. As a result, expertise in these areas will also be in high demand. The fastest-growing jobs related to robotics and automation will include those involving robotics engineers, robotics technicians, and robotics operator. Despite a slight decline in growth prior to the pandemic, this is no longer the case. Not only do these positions pay handsomely, but they are expected to grow by 6% annually for the coming decade. With this type of technology being increasingly adopted by different sectors, these growth predictions may be conservative. Even so, robotics and automation fields are among the hottest job industries right now.


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